7 Travel Jobs for Working Abroad

Have you ever dreamed of working abroad in a foreign country, learning a new language and living somewhere new? If this sounds like something you’ve always wanted to do then you should do it! It’s not that hard to find opportunities overseas, it’s quite the opposite. 

Working abroad is a great opportunity to meet new people or to gain new work experience. You could continue your passion for your career overseas with a new company or office while having the luxury of starting fresh. One common reason people work abroad is for the sole reason of travelling as it helps you make money along the way. If you want to travel but need help with funds try a working holiday visa where you could pick up some jobs at a restaurant or hostel. The options are endless.


One factor to consider if you’re ready to work abroad is figuring out how long you plan on staying. If you’re looking for a short gig it shouldn’t be too hard. For longer stays, you may have to look into work visas and other forms. But that shouldn’t stop you from working abroad as the paperwork isn’t too hard or too time-consuming.

There are plenty of avenues for working abroad on the internet, newspaper or through an agency. If you are thinking of doing the exact same job overseas it’s definitely possible. But if you wanted to try something exciting you can make that dream come true. You might need to get certified, have special qualifications or have a degree in some cases. Another option is to go into the country you’re planing on working in and scout yourself. You could speak to different companies by word of mouth and see if they will sponsor your visa. 

For some unique ideas here are jobs you can find working abroad:


1) Work on a Cruise Ship. One of the coolest jobs out there is being able to work in the sea. You can work as a personal trainer, lifeguard, waiter, chef, tour guide, entertainer, or massage therapist, with endless fields in production, retail, engineering, music, etc.

2) Teach English as a Second Language around the globe. If English is your first language and you have a four-year university degree I would highly recommend to teach abroad. This is a popular job among university graduates as it allows you to work and see the world. Make sure to get your TEFL which certifies you to teach English as a foreign language. 

3) Work as an Au Pair overseas. As an au pair, your primary duties include childcare, basic housework and in foreign countries English tutoring. In other words, it is similar to being a nanny. Many families around the world are looking for a little extra help in their homes as they go to work during the day. Most of the time you get to live and eat for free as well as earn some pocket money. Try Au Pair World to connect with a family.


4) Teach skiing as an instructor in some of the best resorts in the world. Usually, this includes a rewardful perk like a free season lift pass. Make sure you’re a qualified instructor and you will get paid to ski from 9 to 5.

5) Work for Disney. There are all sorts of different jobs with this company from working in China to teach English to working at a theme park or resort in Florida, USA. To learn more check out their International Program which is open to several countries around the world.

6) Work at a Hostel in reception, restaurant staff or housekeeping. The benefits might include free lodging and food. What could be better than that? You get to meet people from all over the world and work in a fun and unique environment. 


7) Be a Travel Guide. If you have extensive knowledge of a specific area you can guide travellers from the jungles of Madagascar to the coasts of Australia. Make sure to be flexible, adventurous and confident.

As you can see there are thousands of more jobs than the ones listed here, just do some research and see what you can find. If you do find one you like then I encourage you to take the jump and go for it! These opportunities are great if you’re looking to take a year off to explore your options, create yourself, or to try something new. 


  • Carlie January 29, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    I wish I would have taken advantage of work visas when I was younger. Or thought of my desire to travel before picking a career! Great list!

    • My One Big Planet January 31, 2017 at 2:55 pm

      They are a great opportunity for sure! I plan on getting one soon!


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