Why you Should Visit Quebec City in the Fall

Quebec City in the fall is a wonderland itself. The colourful leaves slowly fall off the trees along with the feeling of the crisp autumn air reminds me how beautiful the city is this time of year. From September to November Quebec City slows down making it a relaxing and romantic destination. Theres still tons of magical things to do during this season whether its taking an evening stroll down Rue du Petit Champlain or riding the Funicular to lower Old Quebec. The autumn rain nor wind stopped me from having a great time here in Quebec City. I encourage you to do the same as this destination that cannot be missed.


1) Fewer Tourists

Summer is usually peak tourism season in Quebec City which makes Fall a little quieter. It’s easier to walk around and explore the city without bumping into crowds of people or souvenir stands. With fewer tourists it is less busy making it a more relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Don’t overlook the value of this destination in the off-season .

2) It’s Cheaper 

It’s a no-brainer to visit Quebec City in the fall for the simple reason of saving a ton of money. Hotels and resorts are more likely to give you a better deal this time of year because it’s as busy as other seasons, you can find this with airfares too. To increase their sales companies sometimes have promotions or deals which are less expensive saving you money. On websites such as Groupon there’s hundreds of travel getaways for a reduced price during this season.

3) The Weather

You can still do everything in fall as you would in summer or winter but it may even be better. Absence from the cold winter winds or hot summer heat makes it a suitable destination for many travelers. You won’t have the pain of finding shade every two minutes or the need to run inside to every heated building you see since the weather is usually fresh and crisp.



4) Nature

Quebec City’s landscape is simply stunning, it’s like living in an Alfred Sisley painting. During this season, the gorgeous red, orange and yellow leaves fall making it a lovely sight. Some trees are already bare showing Canada’s true beauty in the creation of a new season. And so with less foliage on the trees the easier you’ll be able to see and discover the city. You’ll leave no doubt with tons of photos and memories showing how truly magical Quebec’s outdoors are.

5) The Hospitality 

Visiting Quebec City during this time of year made me realize how truly genuine and kind the people here were. Residents and workers made us feel welcome and at home from our hotel to the restaurants we ate at. Whether it’s the coziness of the season or the preparation for Christmas I felt Quebec City outdid itself in hospitality. I definitely recommend this destination to travelers to explore during fall to experience the true colours of Quebec.

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