Why You Need to Travel Solo

The benefits surely outweigh the disadvantages in many ways as you gain many things such as lifelong friendships and personal strength and development. Solo travel is a new opportunity for you to learn, grow and expand. You are out in the world where you can experience new cultures, traditions and cuisines in which you can fully immerse yourself. You won’t be pulled back by deadlines, financial debt, or stress. This is a chance to relax and get to know yourself better.

You need to travel solo because:


You’ll learn new things about yourself

When you travel alone you get to push yourself to new limits at your own pace. You might end up trying something new that you love which you would have never found out before. You learn your limitations and truly discover what you love doing, or simply what you don’t. This is a stage for personal development and growth as you will most likely become learn so many new things about yourself.

You’ll get to be your own boss

Want to take a boat instead of a plane? Decide you want to skydive or bungee jump? Want to stick to a strict budget? Traveling solo allows you to be your own boss. You can do whatever you want because you don’t have to rely on anyone else for the decision making. You’ll never be pressured or forced into anything because everything is up to you. The power is all in your hands allowing you to roam and travel freely.

You’ll feel accomplished

Traveling the world isn’t easy, especially if you’re doing it solo. Once you accomplish your goal you’ll feel invincible like you can conquer anything. There’s a great pride and joy that comes with fulfilling your dreams. You can brag to others how you climbed Machu Picchu or how you learnt how to surf in Hawaii solo. They make great stories and others will love to hear them.


You’ll grow

You’ll grow wiser or stronger on your solo mission as you are solely relying on yourself to make up most decisions. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t very quickly. You’ll learn new skills that you can keep with you forever.

You learn to love yourself more

When it’s only you and yourself on the road you’ll slowly start to appreciate the small things about yourself. You may find a hidden talent that you never knew you had like being great at rock climbing! You will learn to embrace yourself, the good and the bad. Suddenly you become your best friend as you most likely will be the only one keeping you company or cheering you on. This experience will make you a stronger person as you get a better sense of yourself and your role in the world.


You’ll make new friends

Solo travellers seem to attach themselves to other travellers many others understand the same struggles and experiences you’ve been through. It isn’t very hard to make friends abroad as other solo travellers are in the same boat as you trying to make new friends too. You’ll never really be alone because you can almost always find another solo traveler who you can connect with. New friendships and bonds can be created from people around the world that last a life time. You are most likely to meet other travellers at hostels, group tours or bars.

Traveling solo is the new thing. Seriously everyone is doing it these days why shouldn’t you? Well, traveling solo could seem frightening at first maybe even daunting, but you have to try it at least once in your life to see if you’ll like it or not.

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