Why You Should Visit Africa

Africa is an amazing place to visit, from Algeria to Zimbabwe this continent is nothing short of extraordinary. Home to 54 countries, Africa varies in everything from its people, environment, food and culture. There’s so many things to see and do you’ll never be bored, and once it’s time to go you’ll be wishing you could stay longer 

8 Reasons Why Every Traveller Should Visit Africa:

1) Its landscape is so diverse. From the Great Pyramids in Egypt to Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe, the continent ranges drastically. Since its so massive it has extreme geographic variation from north to south making it a great destination to explore. Africa is hard to compete with as it has eight distinct regions such as the Savanna, Sahel, Great Lakes, Sahara Desert, Ethiopian Highlands, the Swahili Coast, Southern Africa and the Rain Forest.

2) Africa home to over 1,000 species of animals. The African elephant is the world’s largest animal and resides in sub-Saharan Africa. This kind creature can weigh up to 7 tons. On the other end, the Giraffe, common to Africa, is the world’s tallest animal. This amazing continent also contains 25% of the world’s bird species, cool right?


3) Its is full of history. In fact, the oldest human remains discovered were found in Ethiopia. They are approximately 200,000 years old. If you’re a history or anthropology buff then you need to visit Africa as this continent has seen numerous wars, conquests, civilizations and revolutions.

4) Africa has well over one thousand languages spoken natively throughout the continent. They are classified into numerous groups and families depending on certain regions. Commonly spoken languages include Arabic, Somali and Swahili. English is commonly spoken throughout making it easier to communicate while traveling.


5) Africa has produced the world’s longest river (Nile) and the world’s largest and warmest desert (Sahara), which happens to be bigger than the continental USA. These internationally known landmarks attract thousands of tourists each year for their beauty and greatness. Talk about killer accomplishments! 

6) Its central location is prime as it is in close connection with other continents, being south of Europe and southwest of Asia, allowing easy access for travelers. It can serve as a starting, middle or ending destination for your trip. 

7) Africa contains 3,000 nationally protected areas, 198 marine protected area, 129 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 50 Biosphere Reserves. This continent is full of unique sites that are of cultural and physical significance. From Serengeti National Park to Medina of Marrakesh, Africa is full of treasures around every corner. 


8) The people are spectacular. They are some of the warmest and kindest people you may ever meet. They are the pulling factors that may bring you back to Africa again and again.

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