What to See in Venice

Venice is truly a unique destination. Situated in northern Italy nestled on a set of islands this city is unlike any other in the world. The only form of transportation is by boat, with the absence of buses and cars you feel like you’re transported back to the 1900s. Nonetheless it is beautiful place and a must see! Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a devoted traveler here are things you must do while in Venice.

If you only have a short amount of time in this city you can still see all of the major and exciting landmarks. You just have to use your time efficiently. Here is my recommend guide for visiting Venice in 1 day:

1) San Simeone Piccolo. This will be one of the first destinations you will see if you arrive by train to Venice. This church is beautiful inside and out. The turquoise dome color will instantly attract your eye drawing you in to visit. Take the time to visit if you are waiting your departure or just arriving.

2) St. Marks Square. The busiest and most popular piazza in Venice. Filled with numerous luxurious cafes you can find yourself enswamped in Venice’s unique charm. Here you will also find St. Marks Basilica and San Marco Campanile. 


3) St. Marks Basilica. A stunning church with a big history. The basilica contains St marks body which was stolen from Egypt the decorated murals depict this on the front entrance. 

4) San Marco Campanile. For amazing views of Venice and the surrounding islands climb to the top and pier out to gain four separate views of this magnificent city. You will understand Venice much more once you see the view from the top.

5) Take a stroll through Venice and find yourself Pointe de Academia. This famous bridge provides an amazing view of the church and the grand canal.


6) Rialto Bridge. This might just be the most famous bridge in all of Venice. It supplies a remarkable view of the grand canal and is surrounded by shops, restaurants and hotels.

7) Rialto Markets. Situated next to the Rialto bridge this market bears enough fruits, vegetables and fish to supple the whole island! The spectrum of colors and smells invites visitors to chat with the locals and munch of some delicious cuisine. If you’re hungry grab a healthy and delicious snack here.

Venice is easy to get lost in, but it provides the experience of finding places you never would have seen before. So relax, put down the map and enjoy all Venice has to offer.

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