A Waterfall Safari in Costa Rica

While in the adventurous Costa Rica we decided to be daredevils and go on a safari waterfall tour with Costa Rica Tours 4U. Only a few minutes outside Jaco lies a collection of amazing waterfalls perfect for waterfall exploration. So we grabbed our swimsuits and water shoes and headed off on an adventure.

Costa Rica has an abundance of natural waterfalls hidden within the depths of the jungle. While visiting Jaco for the week we decided to further explore the country’s hidden gems by going on a waterfall hunt. We jumped on board with Eco Guide Costa Rica, known for their extreme adventure tours for a 4 hour waterfall safari. It entailed everything from scaling up the sides of waterfalls to jumping off rocks into the fresh water pools.

Our tour guides, Rodney and Vladimir, picked us up from our hotel promptly at 1pm via complimentary transportation. We drove down the block to pick up another couple and headed off into the jungle. Just 10 minutes outside of downtown Jaco we arrived at a beautiful property of 1,800 acres, home to hundreds of species of wildlife.

We knew there would be a bit of a hike so we prepared and wore our water hiking sandals for best measures. We packed our water bottles, cameras, phones, snacks and extra clothing but since we would be moving through water for the majority of the trip we only took the essentials and left them in the car. The tour guides thoughtfully supplied us with a waterproof wet bag to keep our valuables safe and carried them the whole time how thoughtful right?!


It was a quick twenty-minute hike to the waterfalls over rivers and through the forest canopies. Along the way, we were introduced to the different flora and fauna and learnt more about eco-diversity in Costa Rica. We soon reached the base of 10 pristine waterfalls and the view was amazing! We couldn’t believe how beautiful and untouched they looked in their natural setting without any tourists around. This is a private property so the waterfalls are only used by Costa Rica Tours 4U and are closed to the general public. Talk about total serenity!

Before we set off Vladimir instructed us how to properly rappel and climb the waterfalls. He gave us a couple of choices for climbing with the preference of easy and hard options. We learnt not only how to safely navigate the jungle trails but also how to scale the rocks alongside the falls. There are well-marked footstep indicators painted on the rocks so you know where to place your feet for the easiest and most efficient climb. This made the whole experience less scary and more enjoyable. 

It was an amazing experience and I still cannot believe I was able to do something so daring yet completely safe. For the extreme adventurers, there are a couple of places you can jump off the rocks and into pools below from up to 20 feet!

Each waterfall fell into a gorgeous pool that we were able to swim in and relax after our adventure. Even though the temperature was a little bit cold it felt very refreshing after a vigorous hike and climb. The fresh water left us feeling so pure we wanted to stay in it all day.


The tour finished with a thirty-minute hike back where we cooled off with some fresh fruit from a local roadside stall. We headed back to our hotel via Eco Guide transportation and waved goodbye to our group. It was a fun and exciting activity and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area looking to explore more of Costa Rica.

Thanks to Costa Rica Tours 4U for welcoming My One Big Planet as a guest. All opinions are my own, as always.

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