Visiting Canadian Cottage Country

Cottaging in Canada is a popular pastime for residents for a summer vacation. While many Canadians go down south during the winter, in the summer a great majority of us are up north relaxing at a cottage in the middle of the wilderness. Cottaging is one of the most tranquil and peaceful holidays you could ask for. They usually consist of boating, fishing, exploring, jet-skiing, barbeques, and nightly campfires.


Since I’m from around the greater Toronto area it is only a 2-3 hour drive to our family’s cottage in Parry Sound. Even though it’s so close it seems like worlds away! The scenery and environment dramatically change from loud city noises to the sound of crickets and waves splashing up against the shore. Cottaging has become a family ritual for us the last couple of years we head up north three to four times per summer for a short getaway.

While there isn’t always wi-fi or other electronic necessities it gives us the chance to escape our city life and take some time for ourselves. For instance, I get to go canoeing or hiking for hours as a change! Since, we normally go as a family with 5+ of us there’s plenty of things to do and see leaving us with endless choices. There’s always the option to kayak out to one of the 30,000 islands, go cliff jumping, try stand up paddle boarding, practice some yoga or even sun tan.

During the night we always have a bonfire (seriously the best part about cottaging). We collected some large rocks to encase the fire and went forging for some twigs and dead branches on the ground. While the fire keeps us warm it also provides on the best campfire treats: s’mores! These graham cracker sandwiches consist of roasted marshmallows and chocolate. Think heaven in your mouth.

As a bonus, since we are so far away from the city and the bright lights there’s a good chance there’s a full ky of stars. I could spend hours sitting and staring up thinking about all the constellations and planets. It’s fun even to spot shooting stars or satellites drifting in space.


The Cottage life is for me!


  • k.p September 21, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    Thanks for all the ins and outs, it really makes me want to go and visit Perry Sound!


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