7 Ways to Save up for Travel

Are you saving up for travel? If so here are a few travel tips that I’m currently doing to save up some extra cash that you could easily do as well. At first, I thought I could never save up enough money to travel thinking as I thought it would cost a fortune. But I knew it was something I wanted to do so I make an effort to make it happen!

Traveling is my main goal right now. I’m aiming to put away a couple thousand dollars for our one year around the world trip next year- but it has been hard work. I’ve researched extra ways to earn money, and of course how to save more.

In order for my dream to happen, here are 7 things I’m doing to save up enough to travel:

  1. I am focused toward reaching my goal. At first, I picked a realistic amount of money I wanted to save up and am now aiming hard for that. I took a look at the places I am planning on traveling to + how long I want to go for + how expensive the country is. An important step is to research how much people on average spend per day in that country- this gave me a good estimate of the amount I would need. For example, for one year of travel to Asia, Europe, and Australia I’m hoping to save around 15,000+ which would fit my lifestyle and budget. This number is different for everyone depending on how much you normally spend and what type of trip you’re aiming for.
  2. I’m working like a feen. I’m currently working two jobs plus some online side work just to save enough cash. It’s not the most ideal lifestyle but it will get me to my destination sooner. I work two waitressing jobs (where the tips come handy) as well as run my blog. It’s a great way to put away cash fast and get the hours.
  3. Instead of working for labour I looked for a few easier ways to make money. I had a few garage sales to clean out my closet and traded in some of my old clothing for cash. I absolutely love Plato’s Closet, a second-hand store that takes in gently used brand name fashion. They don’t take much but each trip I come back with some money.
  4. Once I started to save up some money I put it away and didn’t touch it! Better yet I put it into a high-interest savings account. Not only does this protect it it from my reach but it also earns some extra money through free interest.
  5. I don’t buy anything I don’t need. I no longer need to buy any clothes, shoes or accessories which saves me a ton of money and stress. Before I travel I plan to update a few items in my wardrobe and technology cupboard but for now, everything works fine! I keep focus and stay true to my goal!costarica
  6. I also try to save in every aspect of my life- including necessities. For food, I try to not eat out as much, reduce grocery shopping by price matching, and shopping at cheaper supermarkets. I use plastic reusable water bottles, try to save on energy by always unplugging my appliances, and not driving as much.
  7. On top of not spending anything, I’ve also had to reduce some things in my life. Now these were things I did give up but they were all materialistic or just completely unnecessary. Netflix, a gym membership, makeup, alcohol- were all reduced/gone. I had been spending too much money on things. I now look forward to spending my hard earned money on experiences and trips! 


All of these things will be worth it in the end. To travel the world is something I’ve dreamt about for a long time. It’s finally time to turn my dreams into reality. All it takes is a little hard work!


  • Cori January 8, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    We’re saving for several trips in the next few years. The biggest hold up for us is lack of vacation time. I think we may have to take a year off, just to save up vacation time.

    • My One Big Planet January 10, 2017 at 8:23 am

      I had the same issue- I eventually had to leave my job and take a year off to explore!

  • Zoë January 3, 2017 at 3:38 am

    I think your last point is great. Even if people don’t want to go travelling they should analyse the materialistic things in their life and question whether they need them or could they be doing something of better use with their money and time. Thanks for the post!

  • Liesa January 3, 2017 at 2:00 am

    Very interesting read. I’m a big fan of traveling the world too. However, I also think it’s important to have a nice balanced life at home…

    • My One Big Planet January 3, 2017 at 10:38 pm

      Oh I’m the opposite, no balance at home only while travelling haha!

  • Viviane Feeney January 2, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    Hello there 🙂
    You have inspired me to continue working hard & saving over the new year, including blogging!
    To remember what I think of everyday; that I just wanna travel & will put in the work & ‘sacrifices’ to make it happen.
    How did you manage to land 2 jobs in this smashed up economy? Plenty of people where I live can’t even find one job, let alone two, even after applying for 1000. Sad face. It’s so depressing where I live.
    But congratulations on landing 2 jobs, plus blogging (that’s three!) & however you built the skills & qualifications to be able to land 3 jobs.
    Give yourself a pat on the back.
    Work hard & save now, so that later you can find yourself on the other side of the world, kicking back with a margarita beside the pool in the beaming sunshine 🙂

    • My One Big Planet January 4, 2017 at 5:06 pm

      Thank-you, jobs are definitely hard to get, but I happened to look at the right time. I’ve had those jobs for a few years. I agree, I can’t wait for the sunshine!


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