25 Reasons to Travel With Your Partner

25 Reasons to Travel With Your Partner
My partner is always my favourite travel companion. I get to spend my time with someone I truly enjoy being with and explore new places with someone who is willing to do the same. Travelling with your partner is amazing for any relationship and should be done at least once! Yes, there will be bumps in the road but I have always found these opportunities to make our relationship stronger. Here are 25 reasons to get up and travel with your partner:

1) You’ll have someone to share those magical moments. 10 years down the road you can look back on your trip and remember why it was fun just between the two of you.

2) Travelling will make you come out stronger as a couple as you will face everything together, learn to work side by side and truly enjoy each other’s company.

3) You have someone to take care of you, and you have someone to look out for. Having someone close by is always something to be grateful for especially when times get rough. When travelling together you know there is always someone to rely on which is beneficial out on the open road.

4) You share your knowledge with each other as two minds are better than one. Build on top of each other’s strengths and weaknesses as it is always helpful to have your partner by your side. 

5) Rekindle your love for each other when travelling as you two will form an inseparable bond. Through all your experiences you’ll build trust and love that only the two of you will understand.

6) You’ll never get bored because you’ll always be entertained by your partner. On long car rides complete puzzles or share each other’s music to pass the time.

7) You get to watch and enjoy your partner seeing something amazing for the first time. The excitement on his or her face is guaranteed to make you happy as well.

8) Travelling together will teach both partners the importance of comprise. Sometimes situations and challenges occur where the two of you will have to make agreeable decisions.

9) You’ll remember why you fell in love in the first place. When you spend time together you will be reminded of why you first started dating as you’ll come across new obstacles for the first time.

10) You’ll learn to deal with each other as you’ll see the very best and worst of them. Learning how they operate is essential to understanding each other and having a good relationship. 

11) Travel is a good opportunity to see how the other person reacts under pressure. You can see how your partner handles stress which is important in the long run of a relationship.

12) It’s basically a honeymoon- enjoy each other without the stress of school, work or kids.

13) You’ll learn new things about each other such as new skills or talents you never knew he or she possessed. 

14) You’re always a bit safer with someone by your side and it gives family and friends back home a peace of mind. Sometimes my folks have a hard time understanding why I want to travel solo but when I travel with my partner they are reassured we will take care of each other.

15) You’ll always have someone to sit beside and talk to. Instead of a random stranger you get the chance to laugh and spend quality time together.

16) Travelling will provide you with more intimacy. If it’s just the two of you it will definitely be more private at times so make use of it.

17) You can put down the phone and selfie stick as you won’t need to text each other since you’re within arms reach. Enjoy the moment you’re in as a couple.

18) Two is the perfect number; you’ll have a closer connection than being in a group or alone.

19) You’ll have an extra pair of helping hands. Instead of doing everything your self such as: booking hotels, transportation, handling the cash etc, its always better to have someone there to help out. Between the two of you tasks can be assigned to each partner.

20) You can try fun couple activities that you most likely wouldn’t try alone such as snorkelling or parachuting.

21) Communication will improve as you will basically be stuck with each other. You’ll learn to talk at times when you still don’t want to which will help you realize there’s no reason to really be angry so instead smile and move past it.

22) You can share bag space in your partner’s luggage if you run out of room. Bonus!

23) Travelling as a couple can save you money as opposed to single or solo rates. You can also split meals or transportation saving everyone money in the long run.

24) Expectations won’t be as high when travelling as there is always unforeseen slips up or troubles. Your priorities should basically include your health, safety and the happiness between you two.

25) Traveling, in general, is extremely fulfilling, and who else would you want to do it with than the love of your life.

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