Must-Have Travel Essentials

I love packing for a new trip. It’s such an exciting feeling getting ready for a new adventure. To make the most out of a trip I always want to make sure I have everything I need to have the most enjoyable time. While I love traveling I always need to have a few key items with me which are essential to the trip. Here are some of my Spring Travel Essentials right now:

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Sleeping Pillow + Eye Mask

I need to be comfortable while traveling. This is a must. Lately I’ve been using my Happy Luxe Paris Luxury Travel Set– which has been a life saver. With a pillow, sleep mask, and large wrap I’ve never been as comfy. On flights, buses, trains, and car rides, I love whipping out my pillow which makes me feel so much more rested and relaxed. Plus, with this pillow I never have to worry about neck pain again. It allows cushions the neck for maximum relaxation, what more could I need?! I love bringing it travelling with me because it is so comforting and light to pack. Mine is a aqua marine colour so it never gets too dirty and is easy to spot. These items are my number one when traveling!


Headphones are key. Whether you’re at the beach, on the airplane, or on the train, you’re able to block out any unwanted noise and fully relax. Travel can be stressful and pretty hectic at times so headphones can be a lifesaver. I’ve tried so many different pairs over the years and not too many have lasted long. Between over ear, noise cancelling, Bluetooth, or ear buds only about two have ever made a difference. I particularly enjoy my Sudio Vase BLA Earphones for their quality and persistence. These two brands have lasted me the longest and look the most aesthetic. Unlike many other manufacturers, Sudio designs and manufactures all of their earphones in-house, which ensures that every product retains its high quality and reliability. My Apple headphones came with my iPhone so they perform well and meet my standards.


Of course, my iPhone is on this list! I cannot travel yet leave the room without my phone. I am currently using the iPhone 5c, but am looking to get a newer phone. It acts as an all in one: camera, texting, phone, the internet, weather, etc. It is quite reliable if you take care of it and will last for years. My iPhone is able to store thousands of pictures, music, and apps. It definitely comes in handy during the day when travelling.

Romoss Battery Pack

A battery pack is a must on the road. My phone is my number one gadget for texting, taking pictures, sending snap chats, and so on. Unfortunately, though my phone dies rather fast so I always need to have a battery pack on me. This has helped me out so many times such as when I needed to access maps, call someone, or write down something important. 

Right now I’m using Romoss Premium Sailing 4 which charges at lighting speed. With its sleek look and elegant white finish, this battery pack is the most durable and efficient device I’ve ever used. It is a pretty large power bank which takes up a lot of room, but for all it does I’ve made it work in my luggage. Unlike others I’ve used in the past this battery has dual out-put USB ports, with two options for charging speeds. This is an essential it can charge my iPhone about 5 times. I received it as a gift from my partner for Christmas but it can be picked up online or at a computer store. 

Wet and Dry Bag

A Wet and Dry bag is a life saver when traveling abroad. My favourite use for my wet bag is it acts as a bag for my wet swim suits when at a beach or pool. The dry bag on the other hand helps protect my valuables from getting wet or dirty. I usually pack the dry bag in my luggage or day bag so that in case there’s a spill or accident I at least know they are going to be water drenched or damaged. These two bags are very easy to pack and can literally fit anywhere. They’re colours are bright and easy to spot- perfect for travellers. 

Travel Tubes

I always pack a few of my favourite toiletries from home when traveling if I know I will not be able to find them abroad. These Travel Tubes a lifesaver as they are airplane friendly being 3oz or less, inexpensive, and re-useable. My hair tends to be really oily so I’m always on the hunt for shampoo that helps combat this. I have found that Lush’s I Love Juicy helps to mop up excess oil and does the trick. 

Microfibre Travel Towel

A Microfibre Towel may seem like an odd essential, but trust me- its one of the most useful yet. Since my partner and I will be heading out on our round the world trip soon with only a backpack we need to pack light and resourceful. A microfibre towel is handy because it acts as a quick drying towel useful for showers, days at the beach, and a blanket on an airplane. They are easy to pack and really don’t take up too much room. These are must have travel essentials.

What are some items you cannot travel without? Let me know!

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