How to Spend Christmas in Toronto

Christmas in Toronto is a special time of year. There’s always a festive feeling in the city that is contagious and hard to resist. This year I decided to visit the Toronto Christmas Market to spread some holiday cheer. I had heard lots of great things about it so I put it to the test.

The Toronto Christmas Market

Located just a few minutes outside of downtown Toronto in the Distillery District lies the annual, Christmas Market. Here you’ll find boutiques, food pavilions, rides, shops, christmas cabins, and restaurants galore. The food alone is what enticed me to come out to Toronto to visit. I’ve heard the mulled wine is to die for, and the hot chocolate is a real hit. We sampled some fresh sweet potato soup (to warm us up), and a Chimney Stax for a sweet winter treat. It’s the perfect place for families, couples, and friends to explore and stroll. I do suggest visiting early in the morning to beat the crowds, or during the week when it will not be as busy. I’m sure this place is lit during the evenings too! 


From the delicious hot cocoa to the gigantic christmas tree displays, the Market is always a fun place to visit. It is one of the most festive events of the season- and it is busy enough to prove it. 




The Market typically runs from mid-November until a few days before Christmas giving you plenty of time to visit. Weekends and Friday nights starting at 5pm charge a fee of $6 per person, but weekdays are free as they are less busier.

The Toronto Market had so many beautiful and festive displays all over the place- great for photo ops and goofing around. A few displays even had market employees waiting at each offering to help take photos. You need to check out the giant heart display and the snow men- they were too cute.

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