Tips for Driving in Italy

Driving across Italy is unimaginable. The landscape of this stunning country is unique and picturesque. In the north you have the mountains notably the Alps, whereas in the bottom it is surrounded by ocean coasts leaving the middle of the country with a little bit of everything. Driving through Italy can be a long and even a rigorous task. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when trekking across the country:



1) Pack snacks and meals. Its a pain every time to get off the highway to stop and find a place to eat. If you’re prepared you can save time, money and stress.

Sometimes the autostradas will have gas stations and restaurants with small rest areas you can quickly pull over on, this is different than a normal exit. 

2) Know how to read the street signs. Try this link for examples.

3) Use a GPS or have maps handy. I usually get lost at least twice a day even with all my technology helping navigate me. Even more route your plan a head of time so you have a sense of direction.



4) Italy has a lot of tunnels. You will find most of them when driving through the mountains. You can experience tunnels from 30 seconds long to 10 minutes.

5) There are lots of round-a-bouts in Italy.. and in most of Europe! Make sure to pay attention to which exit you need to drive out of.

6) Toll highways are common in Italy, they are the fastest and most convent from getting from place to place. They can be pricey if you stay on it for an extended period of time.

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