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A Guide to: Quebec City

When you enter Quebec City you step back in time. This historic city was founded by the French during the 17th century by Samuel de Chaplain, making one of the oldest cities in North America. Quebec City itself reflects France as many buildings were inspired by French ones giving it a European charm within North America.

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A Visitors Guide to: Montréal

Montreal is a marvellous city to visit. I took a two-day trip here during the fall and was surprised by all the neat things to do and see. The locals were very welcoming and the food, of course, was spectacular. Montreal being one of the most famous Canadian cities definitely lived up to its expectation. In the short travel time I…

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Why you Should Visit Quebec City in the Fall

Quebec City in the fall is a wonderland itself. The colourful leaves slowly fall off the trees along with the feeling of the crisp autumn air reminds me how beautiful the city is this time of year. From September to November Quebec City slows down making it a relaxing and romantic destination. Theres still tons of magical things to do during…

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