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Never Miss a Birthday Again While Traveling

While traveling abroad I miss a lot of birthdays, holidays, and celebrations back at home. I try to send my wishes to my friends and family via a text or Facebook message when I have wi-fi but it doesn’t always turn out. While it isn’t the best solution at least I’m thankful that we live in a technology driven world where…

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What I Cannot Travel Without

To travel is to live. Traveling opens up your eyes to new cultures, people, and experiences. While I love traveling I always need to have a few key items with me which are essential to the trip. These are the items I cannot travel without:

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Real Life Winter Cabin Goals

Do you ever just want to run away and build your own cabin in the forest or woods? Somewhere away from the chaos of city life- the drama, noise and people? I fantasize about building my own cabin tucked away surrounded solely by nature. It would have a limited connection to the outside world (except for the few necessities), serving…

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