SUP with White Squall

What better way to spend some time out on the water than to Stand Up Paddle Board? SUP is our favourite water activity right now. It’s convenient, easy to use, and fun. They remind me of surfboards but are a little smaller and more sturdy. What’s not to love?

While up north in Parry Sound for the week we decided to head to White Squall to try out some Stand Up Paddle Boards out on the Georgian Bay. We headed into the Paddling Centre & Shop on East Carling Bay Rd, just off the highway. It was conveniently located only 20 minutes down the road from our cottage! We’ve heard a lot of good things about this company so we decided to try it out.

The White Squall shop features tons of colourful SUP’s, canoes, and kayaks for purchase or rent at reasonable rates. SUP polyethylene boards are $27 daily and composite boards are $36 daily, prices lower if you rent for longer periods. We quickly picked up the two rental SUP boards along with the paddles, life jackets, safety equipment, leashes, and throw bags and strapped them onto our car. We had some assistance with attaching them to the vehicle with tie-on straps, ropes and foam blocks. These helped keep the boards in place so they didn’t scratch or dent our car. We transported them just down the road to our cottage and hopped right on them.



Luckily, the Georgian Bay water was mostly calm and clear so it made it a breeze to paddle back and forth across the bay. We had an all around board and a touring board both composite and they performed well. They held our weight and height perfectly leaving us with no problems. It was easy to use but when the waves came we definitely had to put some extra muscle into it. It also served as the perfect workout exercise for the day.

We were out on the water for a few hours and even invited some of our other friends to try them out. They were a big success! It’s so relaxing and calm that everyone, no matter what age, can enjoy them. I could easily spend all day out on these boards exploring the tiny islands in the bay.



Thanks to White Squall for welcoming My One Big Planet as a guest. As always, all opinions are my own.

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