How to Plan a Staycation

Vacationing in your own country can just be as immersive and exciting as a traditional vacation abroad. A staycation is the perfect option for those who want to explore more of their homeland and learn about where they live. Like any other vacation you still have a chance to relax and enjoy yourself.

Staycation / noun / a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

Plan Where You Want to Go

Whether you’re going to enjoy your staycation within your own city or a few towns over you should plan where you want to go ahead of time to make the most of your visit. Plan all the sights you are dying to see and how long you’re going to be there for so that no time is wasted.

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Make a Budget

Yes, you should still create a budget and stick to it so that you don’t over board on spending. Since you’re familiar with your own currency it may be easier to spend money than abroad! Consider making a weekly or per day budget to help figure out how much you plan on bringing.

Try Something New

In order to have a real staycation you must commit to abandoning your normal routine and trying something new. Avoid doing what you would normally do explore a new city or cool attraction you’ve been wanting to visit.

Get off the Beaten Path

One of my favourite places to explore is my hometown. I have found so many unique sights here that I never would have heard of if I didn’t go off venturing. I love reading local blogs about new spots to hike to which makes them seem all the more incredible. 

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Don’t Forget the Food

Food glorious food! One of my favourite parts about traveling is the food. Don’t miss out on trying new foods, or visiting a new restaurant in your area. If you want to be creative pack a fun picnic for the park or make a fancy themed dinner at home.

Fun Staycation Ideas:

  • Plan a picnic
  • Art and History Museums
  • Pitch a tent and go camping
  • Road tripping down south
  • Visiting a local amusement park
  • Renting canoes in a nearby lake
  • Hitting up a water park
  • Hit up a summer festival
  • Go golfing 
  • Have a sunset date

Staycations are totally fun and cool to try. If you’ve ever had one let me know what you did and what you saw!


  • Stephanie March 27, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    I actually want to write down all of the things I want to do in my city and throw them in a jar. Maybe even make a few jars like restaurant/museum and day trip so when I have the time I can just pull one and go!

  • Viviane Feeney March 20, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    Hardest part of a staycay is relaxing when you are in a stressful situation! I went DIY glamping at a nearby park & I still had my heart set on reality. But I love the idea, it saves thousands on flights! Could really do it more often…

  • Heather LeGuilloux March 20, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    Beautiful photos and a great reminder that you can still have fun in your own backyard on vacation. Thanks for the post!


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