Scuba Diving in Curacao

Scuba Diving in Curacao

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean is something you must try once in your life. Recently my partner, Ryan, and I had the chance for the first time in Curacao. We were on a ten-day cruise and our fourth day we docked in Curacao to discover some of the island. To mix it up we decided to take our adventures to the sea and to explore the underwater world.

Who to Dive With

We headed to Scuba Lodge, a boutique hotel and dive centre, located just minutes away from Willemstad, right after we docked the cruise ship. A short ten-minute drive and we arrived on property to these beautiful and colourful buildings. Scuba Lodge offers guided dives whether for the day or an extensive package teaching you how to scuba dive.

Since our time was limited on the island we tried the Introductory Dive (also known as PADI Discover Scuba Diving) which gave us a broad introduction to diving. The course taught us everything we needed to know in a theory session before heading into the open water. This was essential because we learnt techniques on how to properly breathe, float with our tank on, and how to ascend to the surface.

Where to Dive

Daan, our diving instructor, took our group out to a popular diving area on the island where tons of other people were diving. It’s a lovely beach where lots of locals hang out and swim too. This location has a gradual entry perfect for beginner divers.

After suiting up we headed into the water to practice some safety measures and diving language signs. At first, I have to say it was really intimidated by the water pressure and not being able to breathe normally. It took us a few minutes to get in rhythm with it once we got rid of the pressure in our ears. As we got deeper I was so preoccupied with taking Go Pro photos and searching for colourful fish. This opportunity was one of my favourite memories. Being underwater is truly another world to discover. I was so fascinated by the fish and how peacefully they swim next to you. Before diving, I was pretty scared of swimming next to them but now have a huge respect for marine life.

The whole excursion lasted roughly four hours, which went by quicker than I thought. I couldn’t believe how fast one hour underwater went by when having fun. I could definitely imagine staying down there longer and discovering the rest of the reef if only we had more oxygen!

The Scuba Lodge team really made our first diving experience memorable and fun. Thanks to Daan and his expertise we learnt and saw so much. We cannot wait to come back to Curacao and scuba dive again- hopefully, we can try a diving package and get a few more dives.

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