Sailing Away in Lagos

During our three-month trip to Europe, we wanted to experience something different. We knew we would be visiting a ton of countries abroad and wanted to make our trip memorable. With so many unique destinations and fun things to do around the world, the choice was hard to narrow down. From climbing up the Eiffel Tower to having high tea in London, TripAdvisor showed us all the possibilities for adventure. We finally choose a sailing catamaran expedition in Lagos, a tropical destination located in southern Portugal. My grandparents had visited here seven years ago and said they loved it so I couldn’t wait to plan a trip here and explore the coast.

We browsed TripAdvisor online for days deciding what to do while in paradise. There were so many options to choose from such as the Kayak Cave Explorer, Jeep Safari, ATV Adventure, Grotto Sightseeing Cruise, Snorkel Trip, or a Scooter Tour. All of these sounded so fun! After reading countless reviews and comparing different tours, we decided on a catamaran excursion which included lunch, drinks, and snacks. The tours online often included meals which was a major bonus for booking.

This tour was 4 hours which gave us enough time to relax and enjoy the trip. There were some shorter one-hour tours but I didn’t feel that it was long enough to be out on the water. Plus this tour even came with stand up paddle boards and snorkel gear!

What I liked about booking on TripAdvisor was how easy and quick it was. This was my first time booking an attraction online and on TripAdvisor so it was a new experience for me. Usually, when am travelling to a new city I always do some research on TripAdvisor to read real reviews and browse pictures for destinations. Whether it’s looking up a hotel, checking out an attraction, or deciding whether or not to visit a city, this platform is a lifesaver.

TripAdvisor is used by millions of travellers around the world for its reviews making it one of the most loved and used websites. My experience was fantastic. All I had to do was search Things to Do in the city I was visiting then scroll through Tours and Excursions. There are so many choices for any city giving a great selection of things to choose from. Food tours, hiking tours, or boating tours, there are endless choices.

There is the option to book online through the TripAdvisor and Viator app which is perfect for those traveling without a laptop or computer. Once I booked the tour instead of printing my voucher I was able to show the tour company my voucher on my phone through the app which saved so much time. This feature is really cool because instead of booking the day before or of in person I was able to look ahead of time at the attractions, compare prices, and choose which one I liked best. If possible I definitely recommend booking in advance to secure seats to make sure the tour has enough room. It is possible to book on short notice even like I did and still have a great time.

The tour itself was outstanding. It was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had in my life. The location where we meet was easy to find, and the check in was smooth. Everyone was in a good cheery mood which really uplifted up our spirits. Once on the boat, the guide gave us some information on the surrounding sites and told us about the history of the area. The cruise was amazing and we had perfect temperature as it wasn’t too sunny and it wasn’t too cold.

We boated for an hour before we stopped out in the water quite a way from shore to spot some dolphins. This was my favourite. I had never seen wild dolphins like this before swimming with their packs. It was so incredible. We watched them for about twenty minutes jumping around and took some amazing shots. After our fun little excursion, we headed in land to anchor our boat and have lunch. Salads, chips, wine and sodas were on the menu. We definitely left full. There was some extra time to jump in the water or go SUPing. We ended the afternoon boating back to the harbour while relaxing on the catamaran.

Can’t wait to do it again!

This tour was phenomenal definitely a must-do when in Lagos. You must book online with TripAdvisor as it was the easiest attraction I’ve ever booked. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with them!

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