Exploring Rockwood Conservation

Rockwood is now one of my favourite conservation areas in Ontario. It was SO magical! I felt like an enchanted fairy. We explored in November, luckily it was a bright sunny day that wasn’t too chilly. It was the perfect weekend place to visit as it wasn’t too big letting us explore the park to its extents. There wasn’t anyone at the front ticket booth due to the time of year but the conservation area was still packed with adventurers. I’d love to see Rockwood in the mid-summer or winter- I could only imagine how amazing it would look.

The trails are fairly easy to navigate as both of the main ones lead either left or right around the lake. We didn’t use a map and instead just choose a path to follow. We knew eventually it would lead us out so we took our time enjoying the scenery. It took us a few hours to walk to trails as we stopped often for picnics and photos, but realistically it would have only taken an hour to explore.



The Lookout

The Lookout Point is half way through the Cedar Ridge trail- it was one of the main reasons was my we visited this park. Finding this spot though was a little tricky though, kind of out of the way hidden within the forest. Nonetheless, the view from this glacial bluff is unbeatable.

Limestone Crevices

Along the Pothole Trail we stumbled upon beautiful rock cervices along the river. We found a picnic bench, had some lunch, and took in all the pretty sights. There is a lot to explore on this trail so be prepared for some adventure!

Glacial Potholes

Rockwood has over 200 potholes throughout the park that were created by hard debris like pebbles and boulders that were left by the Wisconsin glacier. You’ll be able to spot a few along the Pothole Trail and even climb down them if you dare.

Rockwood was rated number #1 in our Top 10 Destinations in Southern Ontario you have to visit. Click here to find out why!




Other Activities

If you happen to visit in the summer you can also check out:

Camping- Stay a night or a week and enjoy some one of Ontario’s treasures.

Canoeing- Rent a canoe and explore the cliff sides of Rockwood.

Swimming- To beat the heat grab a swim suit and take a dip in the lake.

If you get the chance to visit Ontario anytime soon definitely add Rockwood Conservation to your Canadian Bucketlist!


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