A Costa Rican Rainforest Chocolate Tour

While La Fortuna, Costa Rica is well-known for adventurous activities there are a few special tours in the area that you need to check out. If you’re looking for a fun but relaxing thing to do then a Rainforest Chocolate Tour is your best bet. With the beautiful Arenal Volcano looming in the background you can enjoy a hands-on rainforest experience discovering everything there is to know about chocolate. 



After a long day of waterfall hunting and zip-lining, we decided to head over Rainforest Chocolate Tours which was a 5-minute walk from our hotel. We met with our tour guide Andrey and for two hours we learnt tons of information on how cocoa is transformed into chocolate. To get a closer look we toured the property and saw how cocoa pods are grown in Costa Rica including the harvest and production.

Andrey taught us some interesting facts about cocoa and chocolate, from its origin and history, to the production process, the harvesting of the fruit, the drying and grinding of the seed, and finally the developing of the traditional cocoa drink. At one point chocolate was once considered gold prized by the Aztecs and Mayans. It was so irresistible at times chocolate beans were even used as currency.

Before this, we hadn’t given how much thought to how something as common as chocolate which we take for granted is made. We couldn’t believe how much time and resources it took to produce and how intense the stages are along the way. In reality, the process is quite extraordinary and interesting and would still love to learn more.


At the end of our “hard day” of creating chocolate (my dream job actually!) we were able to experiment and taste a few different types. We sampled raw cocoa beans, moist cocoa cake, creamy cocoa liquor, and even some high-quality chocolate truffles. Everyone in the tour had the chance to create a crazy chocolate mixture with their spoon full of molten chocolate for a special treat. With about twenty incredible toppings we were able to combine different flavours of nuts, fruits, and candies with our warm melted chocolate to curb our cravings. The options were endless. There were pre-made combinations such as a pinch of sea salt and cinnamon or you could make your own with a DIY recipe such as sprinkles and coconut shreds. It was a delicious way to end the day in Costa Rica for sure!




Thanks to Rainforest Chocolate Tours for welcoming My One Big Planet as a guest. All opinions are my own, as always.

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