Why You Should Visit Perugia, Italy

Perugia has a well-known cultural and artistic scene. If you are lucky enough you might be in town for the Umbria Jazz Festival which takes place in July, known as one of the most important in the world. Since 1973, this festival has brought in waves of tourists dying to see what Perugia has to offer.

Perugia occasionally holds an antique market held in Piazza Italia where hundreds of unique items are sold by vendors on the streets. You can find a variety of second used goods that have come from a loving home.


The city of Perugia is decked out in lavish architecture found almost around every corner. Piazza IV Novembre is the centre of the historic city where you will find fundamental icons of Perugia including Maggiore Fountain, Cathedral of San Lorzenzo and Palazzo dei Priori.

Perugia’s definite location makes it an easy and accessible destination for many travelers crossing the country. This capital city lies just north of Rome and south- east of Florence in the region of Umbria in central Italy. Being so close to other major cities has helped Perugia establish itself as an important historical town. This picturesque town is definitely a must see not only for its amazing scenic views, cuisine or buildings but for its people and friendly atmosphere.


The streets of Perugia are not too busy but also not too empty for a good time. Stroll the city centre  or go off the beaten track to see all Perugia has to offer. I recommend starting on Corso Pietro Vannucci to visit all the local shops and cafes, by the end of this street you end up with a spectacular lookout of the city and the surrounding region.

If you have the opportunity to visit Perugia you should definitely check it out. Even though I only spent a few hours here it was nice to get away from the tourism and explore little Italian town. If you happen to be driving across Umbria or need another holiday destination to complete your trip, give Perugia a try.

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