Why You Must Try Parasailing in Santorini

Why You Must Try Parasailing in Santorini

While in Santorini we were lucky to get invited by Adrenaline Tours to go on a parasailing above the sea. We were very excited to try to hear this because we have been wanting to try a water sport like this for a while now. Our villa in Fira was about half hour away from Perivolos Beach where Wavesports is located the company. Luckily we had our quad so we had no problem getting there.

Once we arrived at all we had to do was present our reservation we had on our phone making it very easy to check in. We had a short wait before we could go out on the boat were we able to put our belongings away in a locker and got our life jacket. The company also offered GoPro for rent so anyone can make a video of their experience.

Once the arrived we were ready to board along with two other couples. We started driving out into the water where we received instructions by our two hosts. Since it was our first time doing a water sport like this we wanted to go second so we could see how its done. After seeing them up in the air I could tell they were really enjoying it and I couldn’t wait for my turn. A few minutes before the first couple got towed back in one of the hosts instructed us on which side you will be standing on and how to get ready to go up.

When it was our turn to go we got into position to get secured to the parasail. When we were ready to go up he slowly increased the speed and the sail lifted us up off the boat. We slowly went higher and higher and were finally able to see the whole beach and the mountains around. Looking down at the dark blue water was so fun.

I’d Do it Again

Wavesports offers high-quality pictures and videos that they take while you are up on the parasail so you can take those memories home with you. After our time up in the sky they slowly towed us back down. The hardest part was landing on our feet while the sail is still pulling. Once we arrived back at the beach we got complimentary water, grabbed our belongings from the locker and headed back to the villa.

Overall, I really enjoyed our experience parasailing and would definitely recommend anyone going to Santorini to try it. It is a great activity to do as a couple or even groups and a way to see more of the island from a view you can get anywhere else. You have to try this!

You can visit Adrenaline Hunter and see more pictures from their many excursions on their Facebook page and Instagram page.

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  • I like how you say that you were able to have a lot of fun going up higher and being able to look all over to the mountains and beach. My husband and I would like to do something really fun for our five year anniversary. You make paragliding sound like so much fun. We’ll have to find a good place to try it out at.

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