Ontario’s Best Winter Waterfalls

Go chasing waterfalls, especially in the winter when they look incredible covered in snow and ice! Ontario is full of picturesque waterfalls throughout every corner of the province, from Thunder Bay to Niagara. There is no shortage of beauty here. During the winter it is no different and the falls may be even more beautiful than ever. Many are along the Bruce Trail making them accessible and east to get to. After road tripping across the province exploring numerous waterfalls I’ve finally compiled a list of the top 6 best winter waterfalls to explore.

Hogg’s Falls 

This secluded, but stunning waterfall is located in the forests of Flesherton, Grey County. You can view Hogg’s Falls from multiple vantage points including its base below, above on the ravine and on each of its sides. I recommend exploring Hogg’s Falls with a pair of snowshoes if you’re up for an adventure and a bit of rugged exploring.

Kakabeka Falls 

The name “Kakabeka” comes from the Ojibwe word gakaabikaa meaning “waterfall over a cliff.” Located in Thunder Bay, this 40 m waterfall is one of the most stunning in the area. If you’re in the area Kakabeka Falls warrants a visit for its sheer beauty and magnitude. It has year round access making it a perfect winter activity for all ages.



Albion Falls 

One of Hamilton’s many treasures, Albion Falls, is one of the most accessible and well-known falls in the area. Many come from far and wide to explore this hidden gem for its natural beauty. In the winter this waterfall is just as spectacular! Explore the trails down below or the path above the falls to see it from different perspectives.  It’s a short and easy walk to the falls from the parking lot which takes you along the river and over a few small hills.

Tiffany Falls 

For some real winter adventure head over to Tiffany Falls. This 21-metre high cascade waterfall warrants ice climbing when it’s completely frozen during the winter months. Located in Ancaster, Hamilton, along the Bruce Trail, Tiffany is also close to other falls like Sherman Falls and Canterbury Falls. This is one of the most impressive falls in the area, so definitely check it one out soon.

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Eugenia Falls

Not too far from Hogg’s Falls, lies Eugenia Falls, a 30-metre waterfall off of the Beaver Valley. Eugenia Falls was the first “Fools Gold” rush in this area. It later became the location of a few mills and a small electric plant. It has an amazing viewing platform along the edge of the escarpment and allows you to explore the falls from many angles. The falls may be a bit hard to see in the winter but nevertheless, they are not a sight to miss.

Great Falls

Great Falls is a masterpiece during the winter. Covered from head to toe in snow and ice the falls resembles a true fairytale winter wonderland. With easy access, thanks to viewing platforms and maintained trails visiting a waterfall in the winter couldn’t be easier. This waterfall has quite a history! It was once a power source for a sawmill, and eventually became an industrial complex known as Smokey Hollow.

Get on Your Way

Ontario is waiting for you. Get your hiking boots on, and head off on an adventure to the many waterfalls in the province.

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