What to do When Cruising to Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Jamaica is a tropical paradise. We cruised to Ocho Rios where we were able to explore the island for a day and discover some hidden gems in the country. Ocho Rios was once a small port town on the northern side of Jamaica, today it is now home to multiple resorts and a cruise ship harbour. We were very excited for this port because it is a destination we have always wanted to visit. To make it even better we had a fun excursion planned with Chukka Caribbean Adventures, an adventure sports company that offers waterfall tours, river tubing, ATV and zip-lining.

We woke up early so we could eat a nice big breakfast before the 8 am dismemberment. As we walked off the ship we were welcomed by an amazing view of beaches, green trees and beautiful blue water. At the end of the dock, there is a very organized tent area, where you can locate your tour company for the day.

Island Gully Falls

We were able to find our tour guide very quickly in the pavilion where she gave us our tickets and a quick overview of what we would be doing. This was also a great time to ask any questions about the activities. The excursion we picked was a tour to Gully River falls formerly know as The Blue Hole, it is one of Jamaica’s hidden treasures found in Ocho Rios. The second half of the tour included river tubing down the White River. This package also included a traditional Jamaican meal- rice and beans, cabbage, and tofu, or meat.

On the drive up to Gully River falls our tour guide gave us some information about the falls, Ocho Rios and all over Jamaica. We also got time to learn some sayings in patois Jamaica native language. Once we arrived our group got our life jackets and put our water shoes- which is the most essential item you need to bring! We were so happy we packed them because it would have been very difficult to scale across wet rocks against the water currents.

Our first mission was to jump from the upper falls into a blue pool. To my surprise, it was extremely warm, in comparison to the cold I expected. We eventually made out way down to the bottom falls by following the currents. The final jumping platform pushes you back to the base of the falls. This was our favorite part because it was the highest up. Overall we stayed about 40 minutes where we also had the chance to swim around and use the rope swing.

River Tubing

During second half of the day, we went river tubing down the White River. This was a short five-minute drive from Island Gully Falls. We were all assigned life jackets, helmets, and tubes. I was the first one The river tubing was a great way to just relax as you drift down the river it was very peaceful just watching nature go by while the water pushes you down the river. After about 40 minutes of tubing, we reached a point where we got off the tube and walked to the Chukka headquarters to have lunch and a fruity rum drink they prepared for us.

To end the day we quickly stopped at a little shopping area in downtown Ocho Rios to shop and pick up some gifts and souvenirs. The tour company got us back to the ship with some time to just sit around and enjoy the view before we were off on our next trip.

Thanks to Chukka Caribbean Adventures for a fun day!

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