My Canadian Winter Bucket List

Winter is here in full force. The trees are covered in playful snow and the weather is a chilling -15 C. What better way to experience Canada than with a bucket list full of adventure and excitement.

After living in Canada all my life, I realized I haven’t done many traditional “Canadian” things. So to embrace all Canada has to offer I’m going to try some of the country’s greatest activities. I’ll be heading out to Collingwood, Ontario, a popular winter destination famous for its snowy mountains and rugged escarpment.

Here’s my 2016 Canadian Bucket List:

Try Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing has always fascinated me. What more magical way can you explore the Canadian landscape being totally surrounded by nature? This is first on the bucket list!

Go Winter Caving

Exploring some of Canada’s caves is the ultimate thrill experience. With the underground climbing and crawling I can already see it being a unique experience.


Explore Vineyards in the Winter

Exploring the vineyards isn’t just a summer activity, surprisingly many vineyards are open year around. To try something new and exciting I want to explore them while savouring local wines. Cheers to that!

Learn how to Ski

Canada is one of the popular winter destinations for skiing and snowboarding. And so, the last item on my bucket list is to learn how to ski properly with a trained instructor. I can’t wait to experience the thrill of the slopes for the first time.

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