Swimming in Montenegro’s Secret Blue Cave

While in Kotor, Montenegro we decided to take a day trip to the secret Blue Grotto by speedboat. Speedboat and Submarine arranged a tour for us to visit some of Kotor’s most famous sites including the Blue Cave. The boat left at 9 am with our group and made our way out to the open water. We were guided through a few interesting sites, some of which I never expected to see in Montenegro.

Next we made our way towards the Blue Cave where we met up with a few other boats. The cave itself is located on the peninsula Luštica, situated between the bay Zlatna Luka and cape Mokra Gora. Right as we entered the cave we noticed tons of other swimmers diving in and taking in all the sights. It was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. This was my first time in a Blue Cave others in Europe are located in Croatia and Italy. Quickly we traveled through the cave and out the other end where we parked our boat for twenty minutes. Our guide gave us goggles and life jackets to help us see underwater and use as a floaty device.

The waves are a bit choppy so it definitely helped to have some support when swimming towards the cave. With the light shining directly into the cave the whole bottom floor illuminated making it so easy to see and swim around. During our whole Europe trip, we didn’t have goggles to see what was swimming around us. I was so happy this tour provided some so I could actually swim with the fishes.

There were even other people in scuba suits and snorkels diving below us with flashlights further exploring the cave. As many as twenty of us were in there at one time but the cave was huge so it didn’t feel too cramped or confined.

Did you know it is named the Blue Grotto because of its unusual blue colour due to the result of the reflection of sun rays on clear and sunny days!

Definitely add this to your bucket list

Before we made our way back to Kotor we stopped at one of the most famous destinations in the area. Our Lady of Rocks is a man-made island built on a story of two sailors receiving a sign from God. They had a mission to build an island with a church on top and so they did. Now thousands come to see this sacred place and to relive the legend. Apparently, it was built with rocks and sunken ships back in the day so you cannot anchor your boat at the island.

We strolled around the island, visited the church and enjoyed the surrounding views. It was stunning and definitely something you must do when visiting Kotor. After our short but sweet visit, we headed back to the Bay of Kotor. Overall, the tour lasted three hours which was the perfect amount of time. We docked right before lunch and headed back to the Old Town. This was one of the highlights of visiting Montenegro. Visiting such a gorgeous gem definitely made the trek here worth it. I’d love to explore more of this country one day and get to know other beautiful regions.


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