Why You Have to Stay at Malmaison in London

Day one of the beginning of our 3 month adventure was a very tiring one. We left Toronto and journeyed on a 7 hour flight on a Boeing 767-300 to our first destination, London, England. After not sleeping on the plane ride there we were nothing but excited to get to our hotel for the night, Malmaison. Malmaison was exactly what we needed after running around with no sleep.

The location was very easy to find and was situated in a quieter part of the city. We knew that the noise was not going to be a problem during our much-needed rest. As soon as we walked in we were immediately greeted with a hello making us feel at home. We were shown the best places to eat in the area and other hidden attractions we could explore. The modern look of the hotel carried on into the room. We were greeted with a king sized bed with a beautiful London view.

After getting a full nights rest in one of the comfiest beds we have ever slept in we went on down to the buffet for breakfast. We got delicious Eggs Benedict and all the fruit and pastries you could eat. The staff came around frequently to assure that our coffee was topped up and if there were any other request we may have had.

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London Calling

Malmaison was nothing short of excellent, from the moment we walked through the door we felt like home and the service was top of the line. I would definitely stay at Malmaison again! For a quaint hotel this is the perfect choice where you know you’ll feel at home.

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