Lisbon’s Best Day Trips

Lisbon is a city you need to add to your bucket-list. While researching Portugal’s top destinations Lisbon is among the best. There is seriously a ton of things to do here. Also the city has tons of day trip ideas.  The capital is close to the ocean and mountains providing varying landscapes and numerous things to see. We took a day trip out with Lisbon Riders to discover more of the country. The tour consisted of four stops all of which were incredibly diverse and so much fun.

Here are the best day trips from Lisbon:


Ever dream of living in a fairytale castle? If yes, than you will absolutely love the Pena Palace. Just a one hour drive from Lisbon, this castle sits on top of the Sintra Mountains overlooking the city. Since 1995 the historic town of Sintra was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This wonder has history dating back to the Middle Ages when a chapel was first built on top of the hill.

Spend an hour here and explore the castle grounds and interior rooms where you’ll see what it’s really like to live in royalty. Enjoy the different colours and romantic facades with a 360 loop around the castle.

Stroll down to the historic village of Sintra for lunch and to get a feel for its charm. The landscape here is lush and warm. Decorated with surrounding green forests, colourful flowers, and small quaint shops, this town is a great stop to walk around and explore.

Definitely, try the famous travesseiros (pillows) which are light puff pastries filled with almond-and egg-yolk cream. If you are cheesecake lover, then indulge in Sintra cheesecakes. Different than American cheesecakes, these delicacies are smaller and filled with local unsalted cottage cheese and cinnamon.

  • The castle is architectural mash-up of Neo-Islamic, Neo-Gothic, and neo-Renaissance styles with domes, embankments, and vaulted arches.
  • Palacio Pena translated into English means the Feather Place.

Azenhas do Mar

It’s time to head towards the west coast, one of the most picturesque seaside towns, Azenhas do Mar. This tiny orange roofed town overlooks the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. Nestled between the mountains and sea, this is the perfect destination to take a break and relax. Quiet, charming, and beautiful, this place has everything you look for in a little town. Marvel down at the cliffs and golden sands, or take a quick swim in the ocean.

You can see how powerful the Atlantic Ocean is in all its glory from the viewpoints which provide some stunning lookouts. We stopped here for half and hour as it was only a short twenty-minute drive from Sintra. A drive from Lisbon takes 50 minutes.

  • Dive into the biggest oceanic swimming pool in Europe that was built back in the 50s. Let the waves crash over as you bathe and swim.
  • Stop at Restaurante Azenhas do Mar for some of the freshest seafood.

Cabo da Roca

Located at latitude 38º 47´north and longitude 9º 30´west, the most westerly point of continental Europe is Cabo da Roca. This is one of my favourite destinations in Portugal. The rolling hills and panoramic cliffs are unbelievably beautiful. Enjoy the fantastic view of the beaches and sea from 150 metres above the sea.

Cabo da Roca is a popular tourist spot where most visitors spend up to an hour viewing the cliffs, seaside, declaration monument, and lighthouse. Definitely, stroll through the coastal paths and take photographs near the rocky terrain lookout. From Azenhas do Mar it’s a twenty-five minute drive and from Lisbon fifty-five minutes.

  • Where the land ends and the sea begins.” This spot was once where everyone thought the Old World ended.
  • It’s incredibly and cold due to its location- be prepared by bringing a sweater just in case.


Another great day trip destination is Cascais, only a thirty-minute drive from Lisbon. Once a former fishing village, today it’s a popular resort town. Not only a great vacation spot but a perfect getaway from the city. Walk along the beach, grab some gelato, or work on your tan. The city here is stunning providing lots of fun things to do and see. You could easily spend hours here relaxing and enjoying the views.

  • The former village has been used for Portugal’s royal family in the late 19th century.

Would you road trip to these destinations?

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