What Not to Miss in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

The first destination I travelled to when visiting Costa Rica was La Fortuna, a small town nestled in the mountains well-known for its active volcano. La Fortuna is considered an adventure destination abundant in activities to keep you busy all day long. From hiking the Arenal volcano, chasing waterfalls, zip-lining through the jungle or taking a dip in natural hot springs, La Fortuna provides it all. Here’s what not to miss when visiting:


Arenal Volcano National Park

Hike around the national park where you can climb up some old lava flow that was formed in 1992. Here you’ll able to enjoy spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano, Arenal Lake, and the Tilarán mountain range.

Canopy Tour

You cannot go to La Fortuna without zip-lining. So get ready to ride through lush forests, above waterfalls, and over the tree tops for the time of your life. If you’re lucky you’ll maybe spot wildlife along the way.

Waterfall Hunting

La Fortuna and Pino Blanco Waterfall are some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country. Hike the trails around them and reward yourself with a dip in their emerald pools for an experience like no other.

Interested in chasing waterfalls? Check out the Quick Guide to La Fortuna Waterfall!


Hanging Bridges

There’s a new way to explore the rainforest in La Fortuna that brings you even closer to nature. The Arenal Hanging Bridges allow you to witness the incredible Arenal Volcano along with the beauty of the forest that surrounds it.  

Volcanic Hot Springs

La Fortuna is a mecca for natural hot springs thanks to the Arenal Volcano’s geothermal activity. After a day of adventure it’s the perfect opportunity to take a dip in the hot springs to provide relief and relaxation. The town is dotted with these pools so take your pick!


Whitewater Rafting

Spend a day out on the river whitewater rafting following an experienced guide down Class II and III rapids.  Experience the thrill of the Rio Balsa River as you paddle by lush rainforest and exotic wildlife .

Rainforest Chocolate Tour

Costa Rica makes amazing chocolate so it makes sense to take a Rainforest Chocolate Tour. You can learn about the history of chocolate making and taste it at every stage along the way. It’s a great hands-on experience and left me with a new perspective on how our chocolate is produced. 

Read more about La Fortuna’s Costa Rican Chocolate Tour!


Outside La Fortuna, there are many other adventures waiting to be explored. Try Rio Celeste Waterfall in Tenorio Volcano National Park or a Nocturnal Natural Experience in La Tigra for more fun!

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