How to Spend A Weekend in Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, has a population of over 10 million people with various languages, dialects, food and customs. This bustling mega city is the centre of the country’s economic, cultural and political scene. It has an exciting nightlife along with vibrant shopping areas- what’s not to love?! Located on the north-west side of Java, this city is the main hub travel into the country from surrounding Asian countries making it the perfect weekend destination for a holiday.

Here’s how to spend 48 hours in Jakarta:


Where to Stay

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta

Immerse yourself in Jakarta at the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta which is located in the financial district of the city. This luxurious hotel has stunning rooms, amazing facilities and excellent five-star service. I recommend a stay here not only for their great location but also because Mandarin Oriental is one of the most renowned hotel brands in the world. To book a stay or to find out more information on this resort click here.

Where to Eat

Dharma Kitchen

Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, the Dharma Kitchen offers great vegetarian-friendly Indonesian dishes full of flavour and creativity. For great value plus sophistication, you need to try this restaurant on your trip to Jakarta.

Table 8

Table 8 in considered one of the finest restaurants in Jakarta for its unique Asian character. It is recognized for its unbeatable cuisine and beautiful environment. Its decor and ambience are not the only things that attract customers but also the quality of the food and service. This buffet serves a selection of meats, seafood, soups, desserts and plenty more. Check out a photo gallery of their dishes on their website to see just how beautiful the place really is. 


Photo via The Table 8

What to Do

Istiqlal Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Jakarta is the perfect for architecture and cultural enthusiasts. It opened in 1978 and is a prominent symbol of the country’s independence- actually, the word istiqlal actually means independence! This is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia so make sure to put it on your Must See list!

National Museum

The National Museum of Indonesia is an archaeological, historical, ethnological, and geographical museum. Spend a few hours here to learn more about the Indonesian culture and history by exploring the valuable artifacts and exhibits. 


Pasar Baru

This is one of the oldest markets in Jakarta dating back to 1820. It was one of the most popular places to stop before malls came into existence. Passer Baru is one of the most diverse areas in the city and a fun place to explore and connect with the locals. Here you’ll find lots of textiles, jewellery, shoes, cameras, and clothing. This is one of the best places to experience the local feel of Jakarta- making it worth the visit.

Nightlife in the City

The weekend in Jakarta is full of excitement and thrill. The nightlife here offers many options including a vast array of bars, clubs, and food choices. Try hitting up Jalan Jaksa, a popular street that’s fun and laid back- perfect for meeting new people and having a few beers.

Overall, these tips should help stir you in the right direction in Jakarta. There’s so much to do and see in this city you may end up wanting to visit again and again. Indonesia is a wonderful country with so much more to explore- if you have the chance take a visit to Bali, Lombok, or Yogyakarta.

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