How to Spend One Day in Lake Como

Lake Como was one of those destinations I dreamt about when I was younger and never expected to actually see in real life. The lush gardens, green lakes and surrounding forests all seemed to good to be true. While on a weekend trip in Milan I decided to splurge and take a day trip tour to Lake Como, just over an hour away, and it ended up being one of the best decisions ever. There is so much to do in Lake Como and the surrounding area, you could even take an optional tour to Switzerland which is just minutes away.

Heres How to Spend Day in Lake Como:

You want to make the most out of your day so head out to Lake Como for 9am. You can arrive by bus, car, or train, or whatever you prefer. I recommend starting the day in the city of Como, the southern end of the lake then make your way through and explore the different towns. 



While in Como make sure to check out the Volta Temple, a neoclassic styled museum dedicated to the inventor of the electric battery. Or try indulging in the Civico Museo Archeologico Paolo Giovio filled with ancient history.

From here you can take a scenic boat cruise towards Bellagio, around 30km north. It took me approximately two hours to reach since we were on a slow moving boat tour with a guide. It is definitely not something you want to rush as the sights are incredible. From every possible angle, there is beauty. Bellagio, being one of the most famous towns on Lake Como is well-known for its location, villas, gardens and city centre. It is no doubt amazing as it features the Alps as a backdrop alongside stunning views of both sides of the Y-shaped lake.




Stroll the quiet town square where you can shop for authentic Italian goods, stop for a bite to eat, or devour some delicious gelato. There is a great panoramic lookout at the northernmost tip of the city which is worth to check out. There are even a few descending entry areas to climb down into the lake to dip in your feet in or take a swim. 

Back in the centre, you can find restaurants galore, some luxurious ones facing the lake providing a glorious view of the tall mountains looming over your head. If you want to find quieter spots try climbing the steep streets of the old town for a more rustic feel. 

For something a little more entertaining try exploring Basilica di San Giacomo, an 11th century Lombard Romanesque church adorned with colourful mosaics. Or relax and take a stroll through the Gardens of Villa Melzi, filled with different types of plants, trees, and shrubs. These manicured gardens are known as a must see when it comes to visiting Bellagio.

Next, I headed over to Griante directly across from Bellagio on the other side of the lake. Since it was a short visit I stepped inside the Anglican Church of the Ascension off of Via Provinciale Regina and explored the port with views of Bellagio from a distance.

While you could explore the small towns and villages around the lake for hours I decided to instead head a little off the beaten path and make my way to Switzerland. I took a bus up SS340 for 45 mins and ended up in Lugano! This Swiss town was absolutely stunning. The architecture, scenic views and people were so charming. I didn’t have a set plan or really know what to expect. Instead I just took a map and explored the town on foot. The quaint downtown square is filled with shops, boutiques, restaurants and markets perfect for finding that delicious Swiss Chocolate. 

The end of the day approaches fast when you’re finally starting to enjoy yourself. Make the most out of your day and soak in as much as you can. I hope you this outline was helpful so that you can enjoy Lake Como as much as I did.

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