How to Mentally Prepare Yourself to Travel Solo

Traveling is amazing. The adventurous side of you comes out and your senses are constantly heightened. You can already picture yourself doing all sorts of fun activities such as snorkelling, sky diving or trekking. But to mentally prepare yourself and even others to travel takes some planning and work. No matter how long you are gone, from a few weeks to a few years, its better to be prepared. To some if may come easy but for others you have to first get an over view of everything including costs, scheduling, departing from loved ones, homesickness, money stability and much more.

I don’t mean for this to scare anyone from traveling but rather the opposite. These are real questions that you need to ask yourself before going to be safe and happy in the end. 

Ask Yourself Some Questions 

The first thing I do before I plan a trip is first see if it will make myself happy. Am I going to destinations I’ve always dreamt of? Can this trip help me achieve inner peace and happiness? Am I doing this trip for me or for someone else? Simple questions are essential for you to get grounded and to plan accordingly. Its just not for everyone, so ask yourself is this what you want to do because its not the cheapest thing.


If you are someone who lives at home or with family and are leaving on a solo trip think about this carefully. Homesickness does occur from time to time especially if you see groups of friends traveling or couples on a romantic date. I come from a very loving family and spent most of my time with them while I lived at home, and I set out on two 3 month long trips solo. Of course at certain times it was rough and I was sad, but traveling was something I wanted to do. It was a brief feeling and I cheered myself up by Facetiming my family back at home!


Money, Money, Money

Traveling is worth every penny. You should do it no matter what! Sometimes money can hold people back but if you start months or years ahead of time you will be in good shape. First, try to plan out how much you will spend on the costs of accommodation, food, activities and transportation. The major 4. Use a spread sheet, pie graph, line bar, whatever it is plan ahead!

Try to save up as much as you can before departing whether that means selling your car, iPad, clothes or shoes. Once a week work a few hours more at your current job. Try side jobs such as babysitting, mowing the lawn, selling crafty items etc. If you don’t think you have enough you can always find ways of making money while you are there. Try blogging about your adventures, apply for a visa in a country, work for the opportunity to stay some where. The possibilities are endless.


If you are traveling alone that typically means you will have to plan the whole trip yourself. Its great because you can decide what you want to do without having to ask anyone first. But it also means that only you have to put in all the time, effort and sweat into researching hotels, buses, and flights. To me this was one of my favourite parts, I love planning and organizing because I was free to do whatever I wanted!

Solo Travel

Solo travel is awesome! But there are precautions you must think about first before hand. In the world there are certain countries which are unsafer than others, keep this in mind. Also unfortunately there is a difference if you are a female or male, since females need to be more careful. But that didn’t stop me from doing everything I wanted to do!


Nevertheless, I recommend you travel no matter what. Its an incredible opportunity for you to see the world and to understand it more. I hope these tips help you mentally prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime.

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