How I Travel as a Full-Time Student

Being a university student occupies most of my free time. With endless amounts of homework, classes, clubs and readings most people think it’s impossible to travel, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not. There are plenty of ways to travel while staying a dedicated student, it just takes effort and commitment. I should point out that your grades do not have to suffer just to travel. I always put my school first which means putting 100% into my studies.

I usually get a lot of backlash for traveling as most people don’t think I focus enough on school. While I truly loving traveling I enjoy school to a great degree as well. I love being in a college friendly environment with my friends and classmates learning about some of my favourite subjects- history, english and geography.

It’s all in a days work though. You need to constantly put effort into making your travel dream come true as you would put towards school. I have learnt to comprise overall. Sometimes I cannot travel due to straining amounts of homework whereas other times I’ll finish an assignment weeks ahead of time so I have free time to do as I please. In the end I’m thankful I never had to give anything up. I can sufficiently travel as a full-time student making some of my dreams come true.

Here’s a Quick Guide About How You Can Travel as a Student:

(1) First, you have to travel smart. Utilize the time you have off to travel so that you don’t miss any school.

School Breaks

The best tip for traveling as a student is to use your school breaks: Christmas, Reading Week. Instead of picking random dates throughout the calendar year, be strategic and plan when your school gives you time off. Reading Week is popular in Canada for students to travel north for skiing or south to the Caribbean for a well-deserved break.


Take advantage of your four-month summer break which gives you a health chunk of time to fulfill your wanderlust. If you want to travel but also make some money there’s tons of summer internships, exchanges and co-op’s abroad which give students a chance to work and see the world.  


Utilize the Weekends

Use the weekend to travel around your city or even country if time permits. If you go more advanced plan your classes wisely at the beginning of the year so you can get an extra long weekend meaning no classes Friday’s or Monday’s. Casual road-trips mean you can travel more often without breaking the bank in flights.

(2) Second, find out whats available for students. Meaning what opportunities there are and where to go.

Study Abroad

Swap universities and try an international exchange program where you can study abroad and travel. This is a popular one among students as you have the chance in your senior years of university to go to school overseas while taking the same courses you would at home. Think of studying marine biology in Australia or architecture in Italy.

Work as an Au Pair

This is a position that is very versatile and flexible for student travellers. Au-pairing is similar to nannying or babysitting. This position allows you to live with another family overseas to earn some money in exchange for childcare and maybe even house care work. In your free time (evenings and weekends) you can travel and explore the country. I actually au-paired one summer to work while being a third year university student for 3 months and loved it.

There’s always a way to travel. You may need to push some things aside (like shopping) to reach your goal but it can be done if you put your mind to it. I encourage any student to go out and see the world! Don’t let funds or homework stop you from exploring and seeing what’s out there. There’s always time for that when you’re older. Do you have any tips on how you travel as a student?

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