How to Get Around the Greek Islands

How to Get Around the Greek Islands

Getting around the Greek Islands is easier than ever. On our recent trip to Greece we used Seajets to visit three different islands which was convenient, inexpensive, and fast. Seajets has over 140 connections, 26 ports and 11 ships sailing all over the Cyclades and Crete. Traveling by ferry allows you to be on the water experiencing the Greek Islands from a unique point of view just as the ancient Greeks used to.

Ordering Tickets

You can pre-book your route online and pick up your tickets at the counter of the first port. Or you can book at a central ticket office or travel agency. There is a schedule on their website where you can plan your trip and see the different routes and islands Seajets travels too. There are frequent itineraries during the summer especially on the busier islands where there are more connections. The peak season is mid-July through the end of August, when there’s lots of tourists and locals leaving for vacation. It’s a good idea to book the ferry as soon as you know your dates. I found cheaper prices this way and more availability. Though it is possible to book a few days or the day before departure.

Getting Onboard 

The ships are large and spacious giving you lots of room to move around and get comfortable. The tickets we were assigned had seat numbers and sections giving us a specific place to sit. On busier trips to Greek Islands such as Santorini or Mykonos it was nice to have a designated spot among the crowds. Theres room on the front of the ship near the entrance to store baggage and luggage for the duration of the trip. The seats sometimes do not have enough extra room for your belongings so it best to keep them at the front. If you get hungry there’s a small cafe onboard where you can order snacks, drinks, and sandwiches. 

Benefits of a High Speed Ferry

High speed ferries are the best way to get around the islands. These big vessels are similar to a cruise ship in their speed. They are the best option of sea travel in Greece as they are quick, newly built, and affordable. Definitely choose the ferry over flying so you don’t have to waste hours at the airport checking in, waiting around, and using a taxi to get to and from. The ferry ports are almost always centrally located 

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