Great Ways to Pass Time While Traveling

It can be a pain in the butt when you travel if you’re constantly stuck in airports, train stations or bus terminals. You may be waiting for hours on end in order to travel to a new destination bored out of your mind.

Instead of doing nothing find something fun or entertaining and the time will pass much sooner than you think. Over the years, I’ve learnt what keeps be busy and what doesn’t, for instance, I would watch a movie, chat, have some down time then play some games. I always keep myself moving so that I’m not stuck looking at the ceiling with nothing to do.

Here are some greats ways to pass the time while traveling:



Pick up something to read to help you pass the time whether it’s a magazine, newspaper or e-book. Let yourself get lost in another world! You could even try listening to an audiobook from Audible or podcast if you get motion sickness while traveling.


If you find yourself with a few extra hours of free time try to catch up on some sleep to make yourself well rested for your next destination. Pack headphones, a sleeping mask and pillow to snooze comfortably.

Play Games

You may not be able to whip out a board game but you can use your laptop or smartphone to play games to pass the time. Playing at online casino sites, like Slots Heaven, would not only be an entertainment, but also the way of getting extra cash. You can visit this site to play popular games like online blackjack, roulette, etc.


While traveling I loved having a book handy to write about my adventures and experiences. I usually attached a piece of memorabilia with the entry such as a museum ticket or receipt to make it more visual. If you’re feeling more creative drawing is a great way to pass the time whether its journal sketching or colouring its fun either day.



Music can be a lifesaver. While traveling as it can help you block out the noise of busy airplanes, buses or trains. Listening to some of your favourite tunes is a great idea if you’re traveling alone if you don’t have someone to chat with. Create a fun playlist with 8tracks or Spotify and jam out!


Talk to those around you whether they are friends, family or strangers. Trade travel stories or bucket lists, share what you liked about a particular destination or what you hated. You never know who you might meet so be open and friendly. Who knows you may gain a new travel buddy.



One of my favourite past times is eating. I usually find if I’m angry, frustrated or upset I may just be hangry (hungry + angry). I’ll grab something healthy like fruit or nuts to curb my cravings. It takes my mind off the current situation and overall makes me feel a bit more satisfied.

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