How to Never Miss a Birthday Again While Traveling

While traveling abroad I miss a lot of birthdays, holidays, and celebrations back at home. I try to send my wishes to my friends and family via a text or Facebook message when I have wi-fi but it doesn’t always turn out. While it isn’t the best solution at least I’m thankful that we live in a technology driven world where we are able to communicate easily and efficiently. Recently, I collaborated with a brand new Canadian company called Gift in Time. They’re a “greeting card manufacturing and internet based business” that adds a unique touch to gifting.

With just a few taps of a phone Gift in Time is able to send a beautiful gift to your loved ones no matter where they live. You can find tons of artisans gifts and experiences through the exclusive Gift in Time app which makes gifting easier than ever. How simple does that sound?

Recently it was my mother’s birthday but I knew I’d be travelling to Florida during her birthday week. My three brothers and I always celebrate her special day together. She has given me so much so I wanted to do something extra special and unique for her this year. It was the first time I’d be away for her birthday but I still didn’t want to miss the family celebration. Thankfully, Gift in Time provided the perfect solution.

I picked out two items from Gift in Time’s website that I knew she would love and would prove useful. I first choose the Sun Essentials Kit as I knew she would be vacationing down south soon. This organic skin care collection couldn’t have been a better choice for my mom! Next, I picked out a pair of Grey Heather Jogger Pants which looked elegant and comfortable. These two gifts combined came with a lovely blue gift box and a greeting card. It looked professional yet sincere and beautiful. The package was delivered a day after her birthday due to a hiccup with delivery, but nevertheless turned out amazing. She truly loved it! 

I love the idea of being out on the open road surrounded by new cultures, people and languages while still being present in my loved ones lives. It’s the perfect solution for people who love to travel but don’t want to miss important occasions at home. This opportunity gave me the chance to connect with the one most important to me, creating a meaningful connection even if I wasn’t there.


I loved it and would definitely use it again!

Gift in Time was a great experience and everything turned out as I had hoped. I had done lots of research before hand online choosing the right gift and I couldn’t be more pleased. I can’t wait to try it again soon- maybe next time with an interactive experience for my partner!

Thanks to Gift in Time for helping me celebrate my mother’s birthday. As always, all opinions are my own.


  • Wendy March 27, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    What a great idea. I don’t know if a company like this exists in Europe. I am going to check this out.


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