A Guide to: Florida

Florida’s sunshine and palm trees are a paradise itself. This state boasts tons of things to do on your holiday trip ranging from amusement parks to tropical beaches. It’s a great place to relax and vacation all year around. Whether you’re a snowbird traveling from the North or just a nearby local looking for new adventures, Florida has it all.


Florida’s weather is undeniably amazing, but just like any other state it varies extremely. In the summer, it can be very humid with temperatures ranging from 80 degrees Fahrenheit and up. I basically lived in a swimsuit in July.

In the winter, it is still warm but sometimes can get cooler in the evenings and on overcast days. So be prepared by looking up temperatures before your trip. It can’t hurt to bring a pair of pants and a light jacket for those chilly days.


The most popular way to travel is by car. Renting a car straight from the airport is usually the most convenient way allowing you to pick it up and drop it off right when you arrive and depart. Many popular bus companies such as Mega Bus have routes to destinations such as Miami or Tampa.

If you’re staying at a Disney or Universal resort there are free shuttles that run to the parks all day long. 


The peak seasons consist of the Summer and Christmas break. If you’re traveling then be ready for long line ups and packed crowds. The best time to travel is during April- May and hurricane season September- October when the crowds die down.




Walt Disney World

When you first think of Florida, Disney World may come to mind. Florida is recognized worldwide as being home to the famous Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney World. Thousands of visitors per year travel here to experience the four parks, two water parks and numerous hotels. Disney World differentiates itself from others around the world since it has one of the largest resort complexes. You can find everything from Disney Springs, which holds shops, restaurants and bars to various golf courses and spas across the property. You could basically live here and find everything you need! It’s the perfect vacation spot for any age, no matter how young or old.


Universal Studios

Along with Disney, Universal Studios attracts a big crowd. Florida is definitely the place for amusement parks and fun. Explore Universal’s two parks along with non-stop nightlife and restaurants. Fly with Harry Potter or ride with the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park for an all unique experience. Universal has a lot of thrilling coasters that appeal to different age groups along with kid adventure rides just right for younger visitors.

Stuck between Disney and Universal? Check out my Park Comparison to see which park suits you best!


Miami is a dream! This place has everything to do and see. An ocean front property combined with the convenience of a live downtown city centre. The beaches have white sand with blue water, every beach lover’s dream.

Florida Keys

For a tropical Caribbean experience head down to the Florida Keys. The 1700 islands are the most southern point in the United States making them a huge tourist attraction. Visit Key West for the best key lime pie or Key Largo which is the diving capital of the world. The island life is not to miss.

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