How to Travel Fashionably

How to Travel Fashionably

On the road, it isn’t always easy to travel fashionably. With a limited range of outfits, various weather conditions, and a lack of clean clothes it can be hard to pull an outfit together. Nonetheless, it is possible to look good and stay comfortable with a bit of planning. Here’s how to stay fashionable while traveling:

1. Look Up the Weather Conditions

It is always handy to look up the weather conditions before your trip. Even if you think you know the weather in your destination it’s best to be prepared with a few different outfits. This will allow you to be ready for any situation and still look fashionable. If it’s going to be rainy pack your favourite stylish raincoat, or if you’re heading down south bring your most trusted sun hat.

Top: Swirling Honey

Top: Swirling Honey

2. Know Your Luggage

Whether you’re packing a large suitcase or using a backpack as a personal item, it’s smart to know how much room you’re working with. Winter items tend to take up more space such as large sweaters, coats, and boots, whereas summer dresses and sandals are smaller and more compact. Once you have your luggage you can determine how many accessories and clothes to pack so you can plan outfits. Think strategic and match your outfits before you leave so you know what you’re working with on the road.

3. Research Laundry Options

It’s good to know if you’ll have access to a laundry machine or cleaning facility. If so you won’t have to pack as much allowing you to re-wear your clothing different ways. If that’s not an option there’s always the classic hand washing in the bathroom sink. You may want to bring some travel size powder detergents or soap to properly clean and get rid of odour. I love Tide’s Travel Sink Packets and Sea to Summit’s Pocket Laundry Wash as they’re really easy to pack and they work well.

4. Bring Accessories to Play Up Outfits

I love packing my favourite accessories with me as they can make any outfit look put together. Accessories are easy to bring on holidays as they are usually small and easy to pack. Better yet I almost always wear them on the airplane so they don’t take up any room in my luggage. Right now I’m loving my ring and necklace by Peach Box. I never leave home without them so wherever I go they go too! My Crystal Bezel Necklace and Nail Wrap Ring are perfect as they dress up any outfit and look cute.

5. Pack Versatile Outfits

Packing a few unique and versatile outfits is key. Bring items of clothing that you can wear multiple ways with different combinations. Try using a sarong as a scarf, beach cover up, or skirt. Basic coloured tee shirts and tank tops are great because they literally match everything and never make it look like you’ve worn the outfit more than once. To mix things up and have fun while traveling I always include one of my favourite statement pieces like a bold top or printed dress which will make a lasting impression.

Ring: Peachbox


6. Pack Dresses

I love packing dresses on vacations as I can just slip into them quickly. I always make sure to opt for dresses that can be worn multiple ways, are stylish, and easy to pack. Right now I’m loving Karina Dresses– I can’t say enough good things about them. The Jackie (Navy with Taupe Micro Dots) is literally the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn. It’s lightweight and wrinkle-free which makes it easy to pack for travelling. The good thing about this dress is that it takes up minimal room in my suitcase and never gets a crease in it.

I recommend choosing a dress like this if you’re going to a warmer climate as it will allow your skin to breathe and not get as sweaty. I dressed it up with some of my favourite jewellery pieces and tied a cute knot at the bottom to mix it up! Try throwing a sweater over it for a night out, or layer it with a cute denim jacket or scarf.

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