How to Adventure in Elora, Ontario

On a cold but sunny winter day we ventured out to Elora, Ontario, just over an hours drive away from Toronto. While it was the middle of winter and incredibly cold it was nonetheless beautiful in Elora. The two main sights we aimed to visit on our road trip were the Elora Gorge Conservation Area and the Elora Quarry Conservation Area. This time of year both were closed, but there still are ways of accessing them. We only made it into the Quarry Conservation Area as we could not find the correct entrance into the Gorge. Oh well, I’ll be back this summer to explore again.

Weekend Bliss

We traveled here on a weekend and it quiet as ever. Luckily, we were the only ones in the park and had it all to ourselves. Since it was winter there wasn’t much do here other than hike around the quarry. It provided some unbeatable views. I’m sure in the summer this place is a hit! I’d love to take a swim in the quarry and relax by the water. It really is a beautiful park with so many natural features. The snow was melting due to the sun so many of the icicles were falling and smashing into the water below. It made quite a show. 

Elora was one of the few places this time of year with big and beautiful green pine trees. We ventured all the way out here just for them and were sure glad we did. I can’t wait come back here in the summer.


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