Staying Connected While Traveling

Staying connected while traveling is easier than ever. With wi-fi, WhatsApp, Skype, and Snapchat, I can chat with my friends and family back home without any complications. I just started my longest trip abroad thus far traveling across Europe country to country. My partner and I knew it was a necessity to stay in contact with our loved ones while abroad no matter what. We planned to bring our unlocked iPhones so that we could use them with different SIM cards. Luckily, we found an easier option, KnowRoaming, which gave us the flexibility and freedom.

How it Works

Once abroad I inserted my KnowRoaming SIM Card in London, our first destination, so that we could use it straight away. This sim card allows us to reload money on it for data use. This SIM card gives us the option to make calls and use data while traveling. For texting it works best with apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook. I downloaded the KnowRoaming app along with it which tracks how much I’ve spent, data logs, and how much money I have left. It is simple and easy to set up as it only takes a few minutes. After entering a new country the  service provider on my phone switched automatically connecting me to the fastest network. I was surprised by how easy it is to use! I was quite worried before the trip as to its set up but it turned out to be simple.

The app works in conjunction with the Sim card as it puts you in control. Not only can you see your preloaded amount but it allows you to control how much you spend on the road. To see how much it is to call abroad or use the data plan you can use the rate calculator transparently to gauge how much it will cost. As a plus, you can keep track of your calls and data usage on the app. It breaks down the price and how much you used.

There are options to choose from including a rate of $7.99/ a day for an unlimited data package which works in a ton of countries abroad. The unlimited option has worked the best for me as I never have to worry much about how much data I’m using. Before I left I researched which countries the Sim card applied to in Europe and was pleasantly surprised it worked in just about every country I am visiting. 

I can honestly say this one piece of technology has saved me so many headaches. Traveling across borders to new hotels every night can sometimes be stressful and when I have to constantly look up the directions ahead of time. Using my data plan I have the chance to use Google Maps to find out my exact location to route the best path to our destination. This is by far my favourite. It is so easy to get around every city across Europe. So far it’s been a life saver in Amsterdam and Lisbon.

Benefits of KnowRoaming:

  • Apply SIM card to unlocked phone just once
  • Low pay-as-you-go rates
  • Works in 200+ countries and territories
  • Manage usage transparently in app
  • Comes with a free U.S number
  • Ability to prepay and manage usage in real-time
  • No bill shock
  • Universal SIM card that fits in any tablet or phone that uses a nano, micro, or mini SIM
  • 24/7 Help & Support
  • Unlimited WhatsApp usage worldwide

I will continue to use KnowRoaming for the rest of my trip and keep you updated on how it goes. Off to Eastern Europe I go!

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