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Lisbon’s Best Day Trips

Lisbon is a city you need to add to your bucket-list. While researching Portugal’s top destinations Lisbon is among the best. There is seriously a ton of things to do here. Also the city has tons of day trip ideas.  The capital is close to the ocean and mountains providing varying landscapes and numerous things to see. We took a…

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Checking In: Lisbon’s Hub Hostels

For our first few nights in Lisbon, we headed over to Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel for a two-night stay. This is a brand new hostel and only opened Summer 2017, making it only a few months old when we visited. This property is beautiful from inside out. Everyone was fresh and clean which is something important to look for when…

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Sailing Away in Lagos

During our three-month trip to Europe, we wanted to experience something different. We knew we would be visiting a ton of countries abroad and wanted to make our trip memorable. With so many unique destinations and fun things to do around the world, the choice was hard to narrow down. From climbing up the Eiffel Tower to having high tea…

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