Camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park

Camping is one of the ultimate Canadian experiences. This country has some of the most beautiful national and provincial parks in the world. Tobermory is quite spectacular, located on Bruce Peninsula, secluded from the rest of the province this area is not a place to miss. This national park has some of the best views in the country. It has over 5 lakes, 4 major walking trails, and is also the starting point of the Bruce Trail. The world famous trail is the longest and oldest in Canadian history which leads from Tobermory all the way to the Niagara escarpment, making it a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.


What draws in most campers is the famous Grotto. The are hundreds of caves in this area that were formed thousands of years ago during the last ice age. The Grotto is something you see out of a movie, just like Ariel’s from the Little Mermaid. This hidden away treasure is unique to Ontario with its turquoise Caribbean coloured waters and sculptured rock formations. There is nothing in the province quite like it. The Grotto makes the national park one of the most popular in the country. It attracts quite a crowd for its famous sights so make sure to go early in the morning. The grotto is filled with families swimming and sunbathing as they are easily accessible and suitable for all ages. If you follow the Georgian Bay Trail it will lead you straight to the water and the grotto is towards the left where you will find many nearby swimmers. You’ll find the best cliff diving rocks around the area although it is not permitted but it doesn’t stop adventure seekers and young kids. 


Indian Head Cove, Halfway Rock and Overhanging Point

There are many engaging scenic lookout points equipped with amazing panoramic views all along the escarpment. Overhanging Point, Boulder Beach, Halfway Rock and Indian Head Cove are great spots to trek too for a worthwhile view. Whether you’re an extreme camper or if you’re just the leisurely pathfinder there’re tons of trails to discover. These four points all follow each other in a linear line along the coast so it’s easy to follow. The escarpment pans out on Halfway Rock and Indian Head Cove but settles down to a flat rocky beach around Boulder Beach and beams up again for Over Hanging Point. It’s definitely an interesting area to wander and the scenery is constantly changing making it more magical to walk along. 


Cyprus Lake

This was one of the first things we saw when we reached our campground site. The campgrounds front onto Cyprus Lake making it an easy 2 or less minute walk. We camped in mid- August so the water is as warm as a bath, which was amazing since the Grotto as we felt later was as cold as an iceberg. There is a relaxing boardwalk and trail which surfaces the lake opens to hikers, campers and anyone else who dares to walk 5.2 km. Enclosed mostly by all forest this lake has beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Since it was so close by every night and morning we went out to catch the first glimpse of the sun or the night sky.


Tobermory and Beyond

The peninsula isn’t only home to Bruce Peninsula National Park but also Fathom Five National Marine Park so the area is well known for camping. These two parks combined are major attractions for campers as they have the best views in the province.

At the tip of the peninsula, there’s also, many historic ships wrecked boats which are great to see by  scuba diving or local glass boat rides. There’s plenty of things to do in downtown Tobermory so you will never get bored. The local harbour is filled with local restaurants and shops to browse and eat.

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