How to Relax in Seville, Spain

On a four-day trip to Seville we decided to check out Aire Seville and pamper ourselves for the day. We wanted to relax and take some time to enjoy Spain at a slower pace. Plus carrying our backpacks for a few weeks really put a toll on our bodies. All month we had been looking forward to our visit at the spa for our massage and bath experience.

We had the most amazing visit at Aire Seville to say the least. I hadn’t stepped into a spa in over a year so it so so refreshing to be able to take a little time for myself to rejuvenate. We were greeted and taken straight towards the changing room to slip into our swim suits. Our first destination were the four thermal baths. We switched between the hot, cold, and medium temperatures baths. It was a fun experience trying the different baths and seeing how our bodies reacted to the temperature.

The atmosphere here was enchanting. The baths were designed with Moorish influence, which instantly made me feel like I was in Morocco, Africa. I cannot say even explain how beautiful they looked. The lights were dimmed and there wasn’t a soul in sight. Our early appointment of 10am allowed us to enjoy the baths all to ourselves for our spa experience. We relaxed and soaked in the thermal waters for 45 minutes before we headed upstairs for our couple massage. Our massage therapists first led us to a stone bed where we had a body exfoliation from head to toe. This was badly needed considering how dirty bodies can get while traveling. It scrubbed away all dirt, sweat, and dead skin, leaving us fresh and ready for our massages.

We rinsed off and made our way to our beds for our massage. My massage therapist was amazing. She focused on my main focus points and even massaged my temples and hands- where I get a lot of my stress. It was Ryan’s first time getting a massage so he wasn’t sure what quite to expect. He ended up loving it and keeps asking to get another one.

Just when we thought it was over and time to pack up we were introduced to the rooftop infinity pool overlooking the city upstairs. I did not know our visit included this option so I was over thrilled. I had seen pictures online about how beautiful it looked, it faces the Seville Cathedral and a stunning view of the city. There were even built-in lounge chairs within the pool to sunbathe and kick back and relax. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we were delighted with two fresh green juices, two glasses of champagne, and chocolate truffles. Need I say more! After a relaxing morning this was the perfect end to our time at Aire Seville.

Literally this has been one of the best experiences ever. There are a few other Aire locations around the world, a few being Barcelona, New York, and London. I cannot wait to check out another one on my next trip.

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