A Trip to the Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was once the place to be. It was located in the centre of the city in ancient Rome where important government buildings once stood in the pulsing centre of the modern city. On the perimeter of the forum, there were markets, taverns and small shops where local residents shopped and worked. 


We gave ourselves the whole day to visit the Forum to make sure we had enough time to explore and visit the whole site. I knew there was going to be lots of walking especially in the sunshine so I prepared. The previous day we went to the Colosseum which shares a combined ticket with the Forum and we made sure to use them consecutively.

We entered from Via Celio Vibenna at Palatine Hill‘s entrance so we could start at the back and make our way towards the front. This is the area where the legend of Romulus, founder of Rome, lived and eventually where Roman emperors built their palaces.

Directly behind Palatine Hill lies Circus Maximus, ancient Rome’s oldest and largest racetrack. It stretches 660 yards and could hold more than 200,000 spectators. We were able to view it from Palatine Hill which truly presented how big it was from above.

For amazing panoramic views try the terraces of Campidoglio near Capitoline Hill. You can witness the whole Forum and Vatican in the distance.

We slowly began to make our way down towards the centre of the Roman Forum. Here is where the majority of the temples, arches and basilicas lay. The Forum was developed gradually over many centuries so it’s fascinating to see different types of architecture built during the ancient times.


It was spectacular to see it in person after doing tons of research beforehand learning where to go and see. We visited famous sites including the Temple of Saturn, Arch of Septimius Severus and House of the Vestal Virgins.

In total, we spent four hours walking around which was enough in the hot heat. There’s more to uncover but until next time!

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