A Luxurious Trip to Atlantis

Ever since elementary school, I had always dreamt of traveling to Atlantis Paradise Island. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with dolphins, explore Mayan ruins, or swim in the Caribbean turquoise waters? The picturesque palm trees and white sandy beaches seemed too good to be true. When I was surprised by my family with a cruise which stopped at Nassau, Bahamas I was ever thrilled. I instantly started researching all the fun things to do here and was flooded with results.

Once the day came we only had a few hours at the resort as opposed to a couple of days so we had to cram in all the fun. We decided to try the day pass and water park which included access to the resort, beach, pools, slides and grounds. 

If I had to use any word to describe our day at Atlantis it would be fabulously amazing. Wait that’s two words. Anyway, it was one of the best days ever. Traveling to a place you have always dreamed about is one of the best feelings in the world.



There’s so many different things to do here you could keep yourself busy all day long. There’s more activities than I can probably count and almost anything for any age. I had a smile on my face all day long that wouldn’t disappear. Since I traveled with my family which included my three younger brothers our main goal was to have fun, so we spent the day exploring the resort, swimming in the ocean, walking the sandy beaches, roaming the water park and riding the water slides. There was no particular order to it all we just did as we pleased! This was a once in a lifetime chance for us to come here so we wanted to make the most out of it. 

My favourite part was being able to interact with marine life. Not necessarily sharks or dolphins, but sea cucumbers! Atlantis has amazing animal encounters that are worth the try if you love critters. In the open air aquarium, you can also find starfish, sea cucumbers, and horseshoe crabs.



Atlantis Resort really made me feel like I was visiting a lost underwater city from thousands of years ago. The details that were put into this place are beyond amazing. You feel like you’re in wonderland exploring the tunnels, caves and bridges around the resort. There are so many unique areas and cool things to see you’ll never get bored.

The staff working here honestly love their jobs as they offer great customer service. Whenever we reached out to an employee we were offered smiles and endless amounts of guest assistance. 

If you happen to be cruising in the Bahamas or looking to plan your next vacation make sure you get a chance to visit Atlantis Paradise Island. A few short hours here definitely did not suffice! I’ll be back again soon!

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