A Day of Relaxation: Hot Yoga at iwa Spa

After all the skiing and snowboarding in Collingwood, we opted to practice some Restorative Hot Stone Yoga at iwa Spa to relax and unwind. This was the perfect opportunity to stretch, breathe and heal, something we didn’t get a chance to do all weekend. iwa Spa is located in the Blue Mountain’s Village just steps away from the slopes, hotels and restaurants. 




I’ve been going to yoga hot for a couple of months now so I know some of the basic poses and techniques, but when I arrived at iwa Spa I was blown away. The hot yoga is known as Yoga  “on the rocks” in the ganbanyoku studio. What makes it uniquely different than other studios was that it’s a low, slow, Yin style practice on amazing heated stone beds. The “iwa” in the name translates to rock in Japanese. The Gan•Ban Volcanic Rock is a rock heated to 40-42°C which helps to soothe muscles, accelerate metabolism, eliminate toxins from the body and allow for increased circulation while heating your inner core. It originated in Indonesia and over the last 10 years has become extremely popular in Japan and Australia. They are heated by steam from the boiling water underneath the floor that emit negative ions and far infrared rays.

The range of benefits are broad and consist of:

  • pain relief
  • detoxification
  • weight loss
  • reduced stress
  • boosted immunity
  • insomnia relie


It was Ryan’s first yoga experience so he was a bit nervous to try some of the poses. He even did some initial research on how to do Bridge Pose or Seated Twist, just in case! Thankfully, the class is is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike so we both enjoyed it. This was a restorative yoga class so the room wasn’t scorching hot nor was it extremely physical. This gave us the chance to actually enjoy the practice and really listen to our bodies. What I particularly liked about the class was that it is designed for our bodies to spend as much time touching the rock due to its healing properties. 

Laura, the yogi, was fantastic beyond all means. She helped guide us into every pose and even came around for some corrections, which is so beneficial to a student. The instructor’s heated stone bed in the centre of the room so everyone equally was able to see the instructor and learn each pose without someone else being in the way.

iwa’s mission is to measure success through smiles, happiness and how great you feel afterwards. There were all good vibes here and we couldn’t be happier with how we felt. We cannot wait to come back and try some more hot yoga

Be sure to book in advance since there are a limited amount of spots available. Make sure to come prepared with some water and you’re good to go!

Thanks to iwa Spa for welcoming My One Big Planet as a guest. As always, all opinions are my own.

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