12 Must-See Cities In Italy

12 Must-See Cities In Italy
Italy is a diverse country, it’s surrounded by two seas, filled with beaches, overflowing with mountains and is burdened with rolling hills. It’s one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited and I was glad to call it home for a few months. While living here, I explored 12 regions and over 25 major cities where I was able to pinpoint the best places to visit.


The capital of Italy, this amazing city is usually a must on the itinerary. With so much history and sightseeing Rome is hard to compete with. No visit to Italy is complete without traveling here. You could easily spend days roaming the museums, climbing historic monuments or cruising around in a Vespa. 


If you’re looking for scenic views, turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, daring cliffs or tropical weather then you need to visit Sorrento. Perched on the Amalfi Coast this seaside town is a great holiday destination to kick up your feet and relax.




Italy’s third largest city is exciting and vibrant. Naples meaning New City from the Greek word Neapolis has much more than meets the eye. Its close proximity to the archaeological ruins of Pompeii makes it a popular location for tourists around the world. Not only is Naples big on history but also food. Naples is renowned for its distinctive style of thin crust pizza which originated in this city. 


If you enjoyed Rome you’ll love Pompeii. Known now as the city that was cursed by a volcanic eruption, it is a great historic destination to learn more about the people who lived here. The archaeological ruins of Pompeii are nothing short of fascinating and are definitely worth checking out.


Venice is a unique and indescribable destination. The city that was built on water thrives on mystery and awe from the secret canals to the stunning grand plaza. Unlike any other city on earth, Venice is a fairytale that will keep you longing for more. Take a ride in a romantic gondola down one of the many canals Venice has to offer. 


One of the most popular cities in Italy for art and architecture is Florence. Known as “cradle of the Renaissance” this masterpiece is a must-see on the itinerary. From the Accademia Gallery to Piazza Michelangelo, Florence is creative and inspiring. It has so many hidden treasures that need discovering.



This Tuscan city is distinguished by its medieval brick buildings and remarkable fan-shaped piazza. Nestled in the heart of the region, Siena is a major destination for those who want to explore Tuscany. Siena’s unique charm will transport you back to the Middle Ages as you visit the cathedral and bell tower.


Known worldwide for the almighty Leaning Tower of Pisa, this is a city you must travel to! Not only can you see the world renowned architectural mishap, but you can explore Pisa’s duomo, baptistry, cemetery and many other historic churches. 


This paradise destination has it all, snowy mountains in the background, cool breezy waters and lush evergreens towering above. Como is a fascinating town to visit, you can explore the city by foot or by boat and cruise out on the lake for a ride of your life.


One of the most romantic cities in Italy is Verona and its worth the trip. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site Verona is filled with historic buildings and authentic Italian markets. This Shakespearean town has tons to see such as Juliet’s House and Balcony as well as a famous Roman amphitheater. 



Located in northern Italy by the beautiful Po river surrounded by the western alpine arch Turin is a underestimated city rich in art, opera houses, churches, theatre’s and museums. Once the first capital of the kingdom of  Italy, this city is great for wandering and exploring the historic sights. This busy centre was once home to a royal palace it is a must see if you’re going to visit.


The fashion and business capital of Italy is not a city to miss. Much like Berlin or London, Milan has a skyline which isn’t too common in Italy. From the Duomo’s terrace, you can spot contrast between the old and new architectures of the city making it one unique experience.


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