11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Canada

Canada is an amazing country. It is so diverse in every way from the landscape, the people, the traditions to the food. With ten provinces and three territories extending from the Pacific to Atlantic, there are tons of amazing things to see and do. As a Canadian myself I have come to truly love the country I grew up in. I wish I could bring every single one of you here to give you a tour of my home land. Since that is impossible, instead, I am going to explain in 11 different ways basically why you should travel to Canada. Hopefully, one day you get the chance to visit!


Hiking Trails

Canada has some of the best hiking trails in the world. The West Coast Trail, Boreal Trail and Bruce Trail are great for hikers looking to explore adventurous Canada. The natural beauty of this country is unbeatable and what better way to explore it than to go on a hike?


Some say Canadians are the nicest people around. While I usually hear this abroad while travelling I do find it to be true while living here. 

The Snow

Planning a trip to Canada in the winter is always a good idea. Gaze upon the Northern Lights or go skiing at Whistler- you’re guaranteed to have a good time. The temperatures do get pretty cold so be prepared for -15 C!



There are tons of great campsites around Canada whether its back country camping or RVing. Make your way coast to coast and discover some of the country’s hidden gems.


Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world. This country is comprised of dozens of languages, hundreds of traditions and thousands of people from all over the globe.  The landscape nevertheless is also extremely diverse. With rugged mountains on the west coast to five great lakes in the middle, Canada’s geography is not to be missed.



Canada’s history may not be as known as the Egyptians or Romans but it still pretty extensive. Whether its the First European Settlers or the Aboriginals, the history of this country is astounding and quite interesting. There are tons of national historic sites around Canada such as Fort York or the Athabasca Pass.

Maple Syrup

Real Canadian maple syrup is amazing. No joke. This natural goodness is a Canadian staple. It’s delicious on pancakes, crepes or just on its own! 


Polar, black and grizzly bears! You can see ’em all! A trip to Canada is not complete without a few bear spottings.


Poutine is a classic French dish found primarily in Quebec. It consists of french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. It’s a well known Canadian dish that even McDonalds now serves it.


Canada is never short of adventurous activities. From surfing in British Columbia to skydiving in Ontario, this country boasts endless fun. Some of my favourite fun adventures consist of canoeing in Lake Louise or climbing Mont Royal.



Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue beer is just another reason for you to visit Canada. Beer goes hand in hand with a good ole’ Hockey game, just ask any Canadian. 

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