10 Must Do’s at Disney World

Disney World is one of my favourite destinations. I love coming here simply because I know there’s so many things to do or see. Every time I have a blast whether I’m traveling with my siblings or my friends as Disney has something for everyone. Visiting more times than I count over the years I have compiled a list of the top 10 best things to do at Disney World which incorporates the four different theme parks. Of course this list could go on further but if you’re crunched for time I recommend these to begin with.




1) Visit the enchanting castle in Magic Kingdom and dine at the Cinderella’s Royal Table like a prince or princess.

2) Ride Space Mountain in Tomorrowland for the biggest Disney thrill. This high speed coaster travels in total darkness as you tour the galaxy in your rocket ship.

3) Marvel at Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life on Discovery Island. With hundreds of different animal carvings etched into its roots and branches this tree is a symbol of all living animals. Stroll down the Discovery Island Trail and scout some of the animals that are carved into the tree.

4) Country hop in Epcot from Mexico to France to Norway exploring eleven different cultures. You can sample exotic cuisines, meet cultural representatives and shop internationally, all without a passport!


5) Take an elevator ride in Hollywood Studio’s Tower of Terror. As one of the tallest buildings in Disney World this ride will no doubt give you a few screams as you plummet down then skyrocket back up a few times.

6) Relax and enjoy the view on Soarin’ in Epcot as you sit high up in the air and travel across the globe. Experience the fresh scents of the Florida orchards or go flying across the ocean like you’ve never experienced before.

7) Kilimanjaro Safari is home to exotic animals such as lions, hippos and crocodiles. Tour the animals in their natural habitats in an open-air vehicle across the African Savannah where you’re able to view over 34 different types of species.

8) Meet and even chat with (talking) Magician Mickey on Main Street U.S.A in Magic Kingdom. Mickey can perform card tricks and tell jokes and is always fun to be around!


9) Fantasmic is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This Hollywood Studio’s exclusive evening show debuts dozens of Disney characters along with a water extravaganza and an amazing firework finale. Jump inside the imagination of Mickey Mouse to help him save the day from the Evil Queen, Ursula, Cruella de Vil, Scar and Maleficent. 

10) Swim with the sharks and other fishy friends at Typhoon Lagoon exploring the true blue. Pair yourself up with scuba equipment and dive right in.

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