Checking In: Malmaison

Day one of the beginning of our 3 month adventure was a very tiring one. We left Toronto and journeyed on a 7 hour flight on a Boeing 767-300 to our first destination, London, England. After not sleeping on the plane ride there we were nothing but excited to get to our hotel for the night, Malmaison. Malmaison was exactly…

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Relaxing in Seville, Spain

On a four-day trip to Seville we decided to check out Aire Seville and pamper ourselves for the day. We wanted to relax and take some time to enjoy Spain at a slower pace. Plus carrying our backpacks for a few weeks really put a toll on our bodies. All month we had been looking forward to our visit at…

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Visiting Paris’s Most Famous Museums

What better way to spend a day in Paris than go museum hopping searching for the most famous art works? Well we did just this on our five day trip to Paris as art and architecture are vital components to understanding and embracing the city. We visited Paris’s most famous museums to learn and understand more of the city. We joined…

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Paris Highlights: Climbing the Eiffel Tower

Paris is the city of lights and love. I’ve been dreaming to visit here for a while now and finally had the chance this summer. I absolutely fell in love with the city’s food, culture, and art. It is one of those places you just have to visit in your lifetime! The Eiffel Tower being the most iconic symbol of…

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Sailing Away in Lagos

During our three-month trip to Europe, we wanted to experience something different. We knew we would be visiting a ton of countries abroad and wanted to make our trip memorable. With so many unique destinations and fun things to do around the world, the choice was hard to narrow down. From climbing up the Eiffel Tower to having high tea…

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Staying Connected While Traveling

Staying connected while traveling is easier than ever. With wi-fi, WhatsApp, Skype, and Snapchat, I can chat with my friends and family back home without any complications. I just started my longest trip abroad thus far traveling across Europe country to country. My partner and I knew it was a necessity to stay in contact with our loved ones while…

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Checking in: Hotel Chavanel

I wanted the full Paris experience. A terrace view overlooking the street with a croissant in my hand enjoying the sounds of the city. Hotel Chavanel gave me just this. On our five day trip to Paris, we first checked into Hotel Chavanel the heart of Madeleine (8th arrondissement) for two nights. As we hopped off our bus we made…

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Why You Should Visit Stongehenge

Stonehenge is one of those amazing places at the top of every history buff’s bucket list, especially mine. On my recent trip to London we decided to take a day trip to visit Stonehenge and surrounding historic sites. We joined a tour with Archeologist Guided Tours which included transportation, admittance, and a guided tour. What made it even better was having a…

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Checking in: London Bridge Hotel

London had always been one of those destinations I’ve been craving to visit. There is so much to do in this city I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit for a stopover. We were meaning to visit the city for a few days but our trip was pushed back so we were left with one full day in London.…

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Why You Need to Visit Box Elder County in 2017

There are a few places I revisit every year which is close to the heart. Box Elder County is one of them. Where the sky meets the water, this county brings you one step closer to nature. Whether it’s from the wonderful birding activities or the lush scenery this landscape holds. This year Box Elder County should definitely be on…

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